Remembrance: chilly Parade weather on Sunday and unsettled for Monday 11th

8th November 2019 18:50

Remembrance: chilly Parade weather on Sunday and unsettled for Monday 11th

Many Remembrance services will be held this Sunday. The military, veterans and other uniformed organisations will be out on parade and after a very wet week in places, the UK weather is turning colder.

There will be a chill in the air on Sunday 10th morning but winds should be light. Monday, by comparison, looks windy after a night of rain, frost and hill snow.

Although the forecast for Sunday is mostly dry, the UK does have some more rain to come this weekend and for the flood-hit areas or places with lingering surface water, this will be of concern. Below are two models showing forecast rainfall for Saturday from a rainband off the Atlantic. More water on already sodden ground. 

Remembrance weather Saturday UK

This will be fading by Sunday morning, but not completely gone. So there will be some lingering cloud for southern Britain and Northern Ireland. It could also bring a little patchy rain but for many parts of the UK there will be sunshine. There will also be a few showers feeding off the North Sea for NE and SE Scotland and NE England, not many but interrupting the drier theme. 

Remembrance Sunday weather 2019

On your weather app, if it says showers or rain just bear in mind these processes and keep an eye on the Netweather radar.  

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It will be cold, it is November but with lighter winds, it shouldn't feel as cold as it can do at this time of year and you may remember previous events with a raw wind, rain or even snow. There will be a cold, frosty start for some with temperatures not lifting much by 11am. 

Temperatures 11am Sunday 10th

Not too bad then on Sunday, just chilly. Monday, however, looks much more unsettled. Temperatures will fall again overnight with a frost forming. Next, a weather system moves in bringing cloud, rain and brisk winds and snow over the higher ground of northern Britain.

By Monday morning the frontal band will be heading SE, followed by sharp showers of rain, hail and a little hill snow mainly for the Highlands. 

Remembrance Monday 11th weather UK

Monday looks blustery and so feeling cold in the wind, there will be some bright spells but also the risk of rain and a much more unsettled day.

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