Amber warning for northern England as more rain brings flooding disruption

7th November 2019 15:08

Amber warning for northern England as more rain brings flooding disruption

With already sodden ground the early November downpours just keep adding to high river levels and causing surface water issues. As another weather front stalls across Britain the UK Met Office has issued an Amber warning for heavy rain along with the Environment Agency and their Amber flood risk. This is over Derbyshire, Gt. Manchester and parts of south and west Yorkshire. More of northern and eastern England is covered by a Yellow warning for rain, both highlight severe weather conditions. Roads are underwater, transport is disrupted and river levels continue to rise as more flood warnings appear. 

#Lincolnshire - due to severe weather conditions, Sturton by Stow has been closed by the Police so we will be unable to serve the village until the road has been reopened.

We expected wet and windy weather in autumn but this year the jetstream has kept meanders and buckles in it over the UK, so as low pressure power across the UK they falter nearby. We haven't had any named storms yet this season although it was very windy last weekend for southern Britain. Instead, there have been long spells of heavy and persistent rain causing all sorts of flooding issues. Current Radar here  or on the Netweather Radar app

Netweather Radar UK rain

Sheffield has seen many roads waterlogged this lunchtime with alerts that  "The highest river levels are likely to be seen this evening and overnight." from the Environment Agency. To check out river levels, these maps show gauges and if you click on the orange points there is  graphic data about current flow and highest ever recorded levels. 

River levels UK

Worksop, north Notts now has flood warnings in place with the amount of water causing interruptions to bus services and issues on the roads.

There is still a Yellow warning for Rain over North Wales valid until midnight and there is still more heavy rain west of the Pennines with heavy rain extending over Manchester, into Merseyside and Cheshire.

UK radar and forecast rain UK Thrus pm

It continues to rain this afternoon and evening so atrocious conditions are likely on the roads with further travel disruption. the number of flood warnings will only rise as we haven't yet reached the peak of this event. (07/11 13z). With water levels expected to peak overnight it is worth thinking about your own flood plan if you are in a vulnerable area. 

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This rain band does clear southeastwards tonight, although there is always a lag for the river levels as water continues to flow down from the hills. Also, there is more rain forecast for Saturday as a frontal band heads in from the west. It moves through at a fair pace but is still more unwanted water on very soggy ground. 

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