Low pressure staying well in charge bringing yet more rain and flooding

13th October 2019 09:44

Low pressure staying well in charge bringing yet more rain and flooding

It continues very unsettled across the country, with few signs of a major change for at least a week to ten days. Both today and into the working week, complex low pressure together with embedded frontal systems give further showers and longer spells of rain heavy in places. So rainfall totals will continue to mount and with the already saturated ground and high river levels, more flood warnings have been issued

It's an equally messy picture across the country this morning, with a front currently giving rain over England (except the North) and Wales. Some of it is heavy, with a drier slot over East Anglia and the South East where you'll see showers later.

Radar at 0910 this morning Check the latest radar here.

Another front is giving heavy rain over the Isle of Man that'll move into northern England and South East Scotland, probably clipping parts of Down and perhaps Antrim for a time this morning. By the afternoon Wales and the South West will be turning brighter with some sunshine, this spreading to much of the Midlands and central southern England before dusk. Across remaining parts of Northern Ireland and Scotland, it'll be mainly dry with some sunshine and only isolated showers.

Wind will be mostly light between East and South, although probably with a chilly North or North-West wind developing over South East Scotland and North East England for a time later. Top temperatures 10 to 12C in the North and 13 to 15C locally 16C for a time in the South and South East.

The evening sees the rain clearing from eastern areas, although northern England and South East Scotland will see further showers for a while. Apart from a few coastal showers, much of the country becomes dry with clear spells overnight. With only a light southerly breeze, this could allow a few mist or fog patches to develop in rural areas. A touch of grass frost is also possible in the coldest spots mainly in the North, with lowest temperatures mostly between 4 and 8C. Later in the night though, southern England and Northern Ireland may be seeing more showers moving in.

Despite complex low pressure remaining over the country on Monday, much of Scotland and northern England could see a fair amount of dry weather giving sunny spells. It remains unsettled however, with Northern Ireland probably seeing some heavy showers which may spread to West Scotland later. Wet weather in the south of England is also likely to spread north into other parts of England and Wales through the day.

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There'll be a light or moderate breeze between East and South that could bring some mist to North Sea coasts of Scotland and North East England, perhaps making it feel a little chilly here. Top temperatures though of 10 to 12C in the North and 13 to 15C further South will be close to normal for mid-October.

After dark Scotland sees a scattering of showers, with the rain towards the South East clearing away into the North Sea. This'll allow a brief transient ridge to move in from the West, bringing drier somewhat clearer weather to most part by morning, when temperatures will mostly be in the range 4 to 8C.

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