After sunny, settled and warm weather, up to 25C,  next week brings wind and rain

19th September 2019 09:44

After sunny, settled and warm weather, up to 25C, next week brings wind and rain

Thanks to high pressure the UK will have a quiet spell of weather into the weekend. Although the weather will change from the west later on Saturday and for Sunday.

Its’ been nippy overnight down to 1.6C in Suffolk. There is some mist and patchy fog about in the clear still air and fog will form again for Friday morning. By Saturday morning it will be too windy for fog.

UK temperatures

Yesterday Pershore reached 20.9C, over the next few days more areas nudge into the low 20sC and by the weekend southern Britain should see up to 25C as the southerly flow really takes hold. Next week looks much more unsettled and windy too.

This morning there is damp weather for the Western Isles and through the Minch, there is low cloud about for parts of mainland Britain, but this will break up and allow more sunshine. Thursday and Friday look fine, dry and sunny. With light winds, it will feel pleasantly warm.

During Friday the winds will pick up for southwest England, Wales, English Channel coasts and Northern Ireland. The high will shift later this week and that allow changes to our weather.

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As the high slips eastwards towards Denmark, a large low pressure out in the Atlantic nudges our way. In between, it is windy, with fresh southerly winds and a pull of warm air from the south. Parts of the UK respond with temperature lifting into the mid 20sC, but others get the SE wind off the sea and stay cooler even with all the sunshine.

UK Saturday weather

By Saturday evening a frontal band will be arriving from the west bringing more cloud and showery outbreaks of rain. The timing of these showers has varied over the past few runs of the model. Sometimes showers have appeared earlier in the afternoon into SW Britain, so something to just keep in mind if you do have Saturday plans. Some of these showers will be heavy with thundery and they continue eastwards overnight and will be around for Sunday.

Sunday UK weather

You might have noticed on previous images, way out west in the Atlantic is a bullseye low of a tropical storm. This was Hurricane Humberto which has just passed Bermuda. It’s taken out a large portion of the islands power supply but is now moving away.

Hurricane humberto path Canada

Next, Humberto continues NE across the Atlantic and will, in the end, add its energies into the flow over the UK. No longer as a hurricane or tropical storm, but there is still a low pressure to follow which just seems to settle to the west of the UK later on Monday through the middle of the week. This means windy weather for the UK and the likelihood of rain. It’s more of a blustery theme with coastal gales at times but still quite a change from the next few days with the quiet sunshine currently on offer.

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