UK Weather: Tropical warmth by Thursday then chilly nights and weekend harvest sunshine.

Issued: 11th September 2019 09:14

UK Weather: Tropical warmth by Thursday then chilly nights and weekend harvest sunshine.

A bit of warmth midweek. 22C in London on Tuesday, there will be similar highs today for the East Midlands. Then mid 20sC forecast on Thursday as the second tropical system of this week heads our way.  

UK Radar showing cold and warm front

Today’s blustery winds and outbreaks of rain, which arrived on Tuesday evening in the far NW, are from a low pressure near Iceland which includes remnants of  Hurricane Dorian tropical energies. This devastating cyclone hit the northern Bahamas, clipped the Carolinas and only transitioned from its tropical phase just before arriving over eastern Canada. An extratropical low resulted which moved across the far north of the Atlantic, over colder waters with weather fronts which are moving across the UK today. It’s not a hurricane any more.

Surface pressure ex-Gabrielle

So for anyone who caught glimpse of a headline such as: 

Daily Express- UK weather: Violent 70mph winds to slam into Britain as ex-hurricane Dorian makes landfall. THE UK will be hit by ferocious winds as ex-Hurricane Dorian nears the British Isles.  By Amalie Henden

It is a blustery day with spells of rain then brighter skies and a few showers from the NW. There was a 71mph gust up by Glenshee, so a sudden temporary higher burst of wind. For the mean wind speeds, away from the mountain tops:

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Netweather Wind gusts

It has been a mild start and the warm then cold front will continue to move and fade south-eastwards with all the associated cloud. The winds ease off for Wales and SW England this afternoon but Kent keeps a squeeze of the southeasterlies and northern Britain and Northern Ireland stay blustery with westerly winds. A scattering of showers appear from the west, mainly for western Scotland but there will be a lot of fine, bright weather about.

UK temperatures Weds

High pressure builds up from the south but ex- tropical Storm Gabrielle is caught up in the flow towards the UK. This will bring a spell of wet or damp weather across the UK on Thursday. Snowdonia, Cumbrian Fells, the Trossachs, Islay and  Arran will see some higher rainfall totals but for many areas not much at all. Scotland sees a spell of rain on Thursday morning, damp weather should be clearing Northern Ireland at lunchtime and more cloud for England and Wales in the afternoon and evening.

Ex Gabrielle rain Thursday UK

Caught up in this once tropical system will be some warmer air, and Greater London could see 24 or 25C on Thursday. As the open wave moves away over the North Sea, it takes the warm air with it and a bit of a chill will take hold for Thursday night.

UK thickness ex Gabrielle

That is the theme through the weekend, for most chilly nights. High pressure takes hold over the UK and will bring a lot of settled, fine even sunny weather with light winds. The only exception will be the far north/NW of Scotland where weather fronts will slide past with blustery winds and rain.  Friday brings a few showers, Saturday more persistent and heavier rain and then on Sunday the front could sink a bit further south during the day, into central Scotland, later perhaps Northern Ireland. Otherwise, a fine autumnal, harvest weekend with light winds, patchy fog, sunshine and an early nip in the air.

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