UK Bank Holiday weather:  Record breaking temperatures possible for long weekend

23rd August 2019 09:00

UK Bank Holiday weather: Record breaking temperatures possible for long weekend

Over this long weekend, temperatures just into the low 30s Celsius are expected. It is going to be warm, dry and sunny for most of the UK. It will be south-east Britain seeing the highest temperatures, with 25.8C in Suffolk yesterday. 30 or 31C looks possible. There is lower confidence about the second half of the weekend’s temperatures, with signs that less warm air could edge in from the west but it may be that this only affects Northern Ireland, perhaps western Britain. Yet with temperatures of 20C it would still be fine and sunny. 

Surface pressure

It’s not a Bank Holiday in Scotland and there is rain today in the far north. There will be lurking weather fronts for NW Scotland to end the week, with more cloud and a little rain into western Northern Ireland but otherwise, it looks dry. There is media chat about a record-breaking Bank Holiday. The dates do shift but for the late August bank holiday Monday, the record is 28. 2C in Norfolk. That should go but this Bank Holiday weekend has seen 31.5C on Sat 25th 2001, which is also possible.

Rain UK

There is some fog about this morning, we’ve not seen that in a while, but we are nearing the end of August and overnight temperatures have dipped away this week. Tonight, temperatures will stay around mid-teens for England but will dip to a cooler 11C for rest of UK. Saturday and Sunday night look a bit warmer everywhere if you are camping 13 to 17C.

There are some areas of cloud to start Friday, but these will break up and there will be more sunshine on offer as the day progresses. It will be warm, dry for most and fine.

Friday UK temperatures

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As this sunny and hot weather continues there are a few things to remember. The UK Met Office does have a Yellow Level 2 Heat Health alert out for south and east England as the temperatures rise. Weed pollen is at moderate levels and the sun is still strong at this time of year so remember your sunscreen. Air pollution is also forecast to increase with the DEFRA forecast showing moderate/high levels by Saturday.

High pressure is trying to build in over the UK as two low pressures lurk near to Iceland. The warmer air is drawn up ahead of one low, yet the high pressure manages to bring us the fine, settled weather to coincide with a long weekend.


Fronts linked to a low pressure east of Iceland will bring more cloud and some patchy rain to Northwest Scotland and Co. Fermanagh but for most of the UK it will be a super Saturday, with sunshine and warmth and only light south to SE winds.

Saturday UK temperatures


Part of Saturday’s front could sway over Ireland on Sunday. It will be weak and just a bit of cloud, maybe the risk of an odd shower into SW Britain but unlikely. The air isn’t as warm behind this cold front so it could change the feel of the day later for Northern Ireland and western Britain but at the moment it looks like another warm, sunny and fine day.

Change in UK temperatures


The UK looks stuck between two highs with a new deeper low pressure over Iceland. So, it should be another fine day with sunshine and warmth. The front from the low pressure will approach the UK next week, bringing fresher air and hefty showers.

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