10th August 2019 09:24

Autumnal weekend as low pressure hangs around

In a synoptic situation more akin to autumn, we'll remain under the influence of an unusually deep low for August throughout the weekend. It is currently moving out of Northern Ireland and will cross central and southern Scotland through the day, before ending up in the North Sea after dark.

This'll continue to bring showers and very blustery weather, with the strength of a South Westerly wind over England and Wales on the depressions southern flank causing concern. We have already had a gust to 76mph across the Isle of Wight, with currently warnings of 55 to 60mph gusts in exposed areas and 40 to 50mph even well inland. Track the latest top gusts here.

So for most today, it's a story of blustery showers, heavy in places with local thunder, accompanied by squally winds. There'll be damaging gusts, and with trees in full leaf, you'll need to beware at the very least of the possibility of falling branches. Sunny intervals are also expected, with the best of these in the South and over sheltered eastern areas where the showers will be more scattered. Close to the depression centre though over Scotland and the far North of England, winds will be lighter, making the showers slow-moving and more likely to be prolonged. 

Heavy thundery showers this afternoon with low pressure over Scotland

Although light at first, a North or North Westerly wind will soon freshen across Northern Ireland to become strong, with gusts over gale force expected in exposed areas and in quickly passing squally showers. Temperatures generally will be slightly down on yesterdays values, but despite the boisterous conditions, it'll still be quite warm over England and Wales where the thermometer should reach 19 to 23C. Across Northern Ireland and much of Scotland though it'll be cooler, with 15 to 18C more likely here.

There'll be little change into the evening or after dark, with more blustery showers that'll become prolonged across the Scottish Borders and the far North of England. To the South of this, a South West wind will remain strong particularly over the southern half of England and Wales, where further gusts in excess of gale force are expected. The wind will then moderate a little later in the night. Winds also remain fresh or strong across Northern Ireland for much of the night, while turning into the North across Scotland and freshening, introducing cooler air. Here lowest temperatures will be about 10 to 12C, but it'll remain very mild over much of England and Wales where the thermometer shouldn't fall below 13 to 15C.

Sunday sees winds moderating, but it remains unsettled with further scattered showers between sunny intervals. The showers will be most frequent across northern England and perhaps southern Scotland at first, with some heavy still quite blustery ones blustery about giving local hail and thunder. As a mostly moderate wind turns into the West or North West, it'll begin to feel cooler and fresher over England and Wales, with top temperatures 19 to 21C in the South and 15 to 18C further North.

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Sunday afternoon temperatures

Eastern areas, in particular, see more showers into the evening, some still heavy for a while. Elsewhere they should be more scattered, with clear intervals developing after dark especially where you have shelter from a mostly light or moderate westerly breeze. It'll be a noticeably chillier night than of late that'll be much better for sleeping in the South, with minimum temperatures mostly in the range 8 to 10C in the North and 11 to 13C in the South.

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