Washout Friday beckons before heat and humidity start to build

18th July 2019 10:15

Washout Friday beckons before heat and humidity start to build

The transition to less settled weather is now well underway. Today, it's the southeast, the west and north of the country seeing the bulk of the cloudier skies and outbreaks of rain, with just a scattering of showers elsewhere. Tomorrow (Friday) brings a swathe of heavy, thundery rain which could make for a difficult start to the big summer getaway as the summer holidays get underway across England and Wales.

The rain total forecast for the next 24 hours gives a good indication of where most of the showers are likely to be during today.

Rainfall totals on Thursday

The cloud and patchy rain in the southeast will slowly clear away during the day, but not before some of the showers have the potential to become heavy and thundery. The showers in the north and west will continue throughout though with sunny spells in between. Temperatures today will range from the mid-high teens in the more showery areas, up to the high teens or low-twenties in other parts.

The British Open starts at Portrush today, and in good links golf style, the weather is set to play a part with varying conditions throughout. Today will see some blustery showers blowing through, and there'll be the risk of rain on each day. Winds are going to be all over the place too, starting today in the west, before becoming lighter into Friday and turning into the east or northeast. A stiffer west or northwesterly follows on Saturday before a strong southerly wind arrives for the final day. You can check the latest hour-by-hour forecast for Portrush here.

This evening and overnight, many of the showers will die away but some will continue in the northwest. We'll also see an area of rain and showers starting to make a move in from the southwest. That's going to bring a wet start to the day in many western and central parts of England and Wales tomorrow, with some heavy and persistent rain.

Washout Friday

The wet weather will continue to move northeast during the day, with heavy showers also developing both behind and in front of it. Further pulses of rain, showers and even thunderstorms are likely to run up from the south later in the day as well, taking until the start of Saturday to clear away.

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Some hefty falls of rain are likely in a relatively short time, which may mean some localised flooding and treacherous travel conditions. Not an ideal start to the summer getaway as the holidays begin across England and Wales.

Rain totals on Friday - a washout with localised flooding possible in places

With the rain, it'll also be a blustery day across a good part of the country, but even so, temperatures will widely make it up into the high teens or low-twenties. 

Into the weekend, there'll still be some heavy showers around on Saturday, especially across the east and north of the country. It'll be increasingly warm and humid across the southeast as well, with highs reaching a muggy 25-26c. That'll be a taste of things to come later in the weekend and into next week, as a northwest to southeast split starts to setup.

By Sunday, the north and west of the country, along with Ireland (south and north) are set to see some further outbreaks of potentially heavy rain, along with blustery, strong winds. Further southeast, it's drier, sunnier and humid with temperatures widely climbing up towards and into the mid-twenties. 

Heat building early next week

Early next week, the pattern continues, with the heat building further southeast, as temperatures perhaps head toward the low thirties. Further north and west there'll be a higher risk of some heavy rain at times, and  it stays cooler.

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