Weather on the change as an unsettled spell begins

17th July 2019 09:56

Weather on the change as an unsettled spell begins

The weather's on the change now to a more unsettled type, as pressure continues to leak away slowly. This'll allow frontal systems already affecting Northern Ireland and the North and West of Scotland to eventually bring showers to most parts over the next few days. With today seeing that transition taking place. Before we get there though, we have another largely fine day to enjoy in central and eastern parts.

Radar image at 0935 - rain in the northwest The very light rain showing in the south and east on this image is anaprop or false radar echoes, which can sometimes occur under high pressure. Click here to view the live radar.

Early mist in some rural areas has already gone, leaving much of the West Country, Midlands and the East and South with a fine, dry morning. There'll be spells of sunshine, but high cloud will make this rather hazy, with cloud amounts steadily increasing through the day. The afternoon will still be bright and mainly dry, but like yesterday a few locally sharp showers will develop, possibly giving thunder. Although not everywhere will see them.

Over West Scotland and Northern Ireland, frontal systems are already giving rain heavy in places. It'll clear from the West across Northern Ireland, to leave just scattered showers across the province by late afternoon. After a dry, bright start over Wales, North West England and the East of Scotland cloud will soon increase, with showery bursts of rain locally heavy moving in from the West by or through the afternoon.

It'll become very warm and humid in the East and South, where temperatures will reach 22 to 25C perhaps 26 or 27C where it stays brightest the longest. In the wetter North and West however 15 to 20C will be nearer the mark. Light winds in central and eastern areas at first will become mostly moderate locally fresh southerly, before 'veering' South West or West across Northern Ireland through the afternoon.

Warmest in eastern areas today

East Anglia and possibly the South East could see a few heavy showers perhaps giving thunder into the evening, but they'll be 'hit and miss'. Most places will have a spell of rain either during the evening or after dark, but amounts south of the M4 and across the South East may be small. The rain will then be followed by clearer weather, that should have reached all but eastern areas by morning. A southerly wind will 'veer' West or South West in the West bringing fresher air to these parts later, but in a mild night, temperatures fall no lower than 10 to 16C.

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It'll start cloudy with patchy rain in some eastern areas on Thursday, but this'll clear through the morning. You'll then join the remainder of the country in a fresher day with sunny spells, but there'll also be showers. These will be most frequent over Scotland, Northern Ireland, northern England and in the West where some will be heavy perhaps with thunder.

Showers on Thursday

Elsewhere the showers will be few and far between, with much of the East and South having a fine afternoon. A West or South Westerly wind may be blustery in some of the showers, with temperatures down on recent values. Nevertheless despite the fresher feel it'll still become quite warm in the South, with top temperatures here 20 to 23C and 15 to 19C further North.

Remaining showers over England and Wales soon fade during the evening, to leave a dry night with clear spells. Many of the showers over Scotland and Northern Ireland will also fade, just a few will keep going in the far North. As winds become light, a few mist patches will form in rural areas towards dawn, but these will be short-lived. It could also turn a little chilly in places as temperatures mostly fall to between 9 and 13C. Later in the night the Isles of Scilly, Channel Islands and Cornwall, see increasing cloud ahead of an Atlantic system moving in from the South West on a freshening southerly wind. That'll bring some rain to most parts on Friday.

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