Turning colder, possible easterly outbreak?

25th January 2012 11:07

Turning colder, possible easterly outbreak?

Today is getting off to a dry and fairly bright start in many eastern parts of England, but it is already dull, wet and windy in many western areas, and as the day goes on this wet and windy weather will progress eastwards, reaching all but the eastern third of England by midnight. The winds are likely to touch 50-60mph in exposed parts of western and northern Scotland. It will be a mild day (though may not feel like it in the wetter and windier areas) with highs between 8 and 11C in most places. Tonight will be wet and windy everywhere, again especially so in western and northern Scotland, with the rain belt heading south-eastwards. Tomorrow will be a bright and breezy day for most with a scattering of showers, and it will be colder with highs of 5 to 7C across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and 3 to 5C in Scotland. The showers will be wintry at all levels across Scotland, though significant accumulations will probably be restricted to high ground. Some wintriness is also possible to low levels in the heavier showers across Northern Ireland and northern England, while further south snow will be generally confined to high ground. However, across East Anglia and the south-east the belt of persistent cloud and rain will be slow to clear, probably not clearing the east coast until mid-afternoon, and in the clearer colder air behind it, not many showers will make it across to those areas. Showers will become isolated across all of mainland Britain during Friday as high pressure ridges up from the south-west. Once the depression gets out of the way we will see continental air start to attack from the east. A really snowy spell is looking odds against at present, because some model outputs suggest that Atlantic systems may move too far east to our north to allow the continental air to reach us, while others are suggesting a cold but mostly dry and cloudy south-easterly regime- but a snowy easterly remains a possibility. The only things we can say for certain is that the weather will turn more settled towards the weekend and that next week is still very much up in the air.

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