25th June 2019 07:43

End of June delivers thunderstorms then Hot and Humid later this week

Tues 25th- There have been some changes in the forecast from last week, but that is why we update you every day. There is heat and humidity for SE Britain to start the week but it’s not quite as widespread with temperatures into the high 20sC. There have been thunderstorms, with more last night but that’s about it. The heat and humidity look to build later on this week with the chance of temperatures into the low (even mid) 30sC with more sunshine.

Heat building this week

Other parts of Europe are on heatwave alert and it’s the same hot and humid air that could reach over to the UK in the second part of the week. Here, it has been a wet night for the southern half of Britain with some lightning as thunderstorms made their way up across the Channel. There are transport problems for Tuesday morning due to flooding, Haywards Heath is one place that is affected. 

There were reports of surface water flooding on Monday in Edinburgh and Stirling from earlier thunderstorms with Edinburgh receiving nearly 45mm of rain a couple of hours.

Radar picture of rain and lightning

This morning, the rain is slightly further south than forecasts had suggested so more areas are waking up to rain. Heavy bursts over the Cotswolds and Wales heading to Hereford and Worcestershire, also for inland East Anglia. It is all shifting north with a few flashes of lightning near to Kent. There are two arms to this rain, the eastern one which will head out into the North Sea by mid morning and another more western pulse. This looks to swing around over Wales and the Midlands once it has pushed up from the Channel, then it heads away to the North Sea as well across eastern England. North Wales will become wet for a time before this clearance, there is a Met Office yellow warning in place and northern England becomes damp too.  Elsewhere has a quieter Tuesday with fair weather, bright spells but a cool north wind bringing more cloud for NE Britain. 

That is about it for thunderstorms and rain for a few days, everything fades for Tuesday night. There will be drier, brighter and sunnier weather, and as hotter air heads in from the SE or south and the temperatures rise.

Today temperatures UK

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A cool northerly wind will bring more cloud to northern and eastern Scotland but well inland and for the SW at 19C, it will be bright with sunny spells. A fair day for Northern Ireland with a north breeze and temperatures of 17 or 18C. Wales will be in the high teens to low 20sC, becoming fine everywhere by the afternoon with just the odd shower lingering. A marked improvement in the north after the wet start. SE England and East Anglia should see high 20sC on Tuesday. Norfolk reached 26C on Monday with a lot of cloud. 

The North Sea is full of low cloud and that drifts back inland on Tuesday night.

The cloud thins and breaks on Wednesday, retreating to the coasts. An area of thunderstorms will slide past the top of Cornwall midweek, off to SW Ireland, so that could bring an interruption to an otherwise lovely day. High pressure builds in the North Sea, there will be lots of sunshine across the UK. Temperatures will rise and as the humidity builds.

JUNE uk records

Friday for inland SW Britain looks the hottest spot at the moment, up to the mid 30sC could be possible. Those at or heading to Glastonbury could be sweltering.

Take a sun hat and sun cream with your refillable water bottle, passing out from heat stroke would be a waste of a ticket. #Glastonbury

Eastern counties will generally stay fresher, even cooler with a breeze off the sea Weds to Friday but by Saturday the winds swing around to the SW so there will warmth for eastern Britain at the weekend as blustery showers appear in the west.

Looks like all change for July, with a fresher start to the new month for everyone.

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