A humid start to the week, with the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms

24th June 2019 10:35

A humid start to the week, with the threat of heavy rain and thunderstorms

After a fine start to the weekend, changes arrived yesterday, both in the form of more humid air pushing up from the south but also some heavy, thundery rain which moved up from the southwest.

Rainfall totals over the last 24 hours

That wet weather, with a few thunderstorms, is continuing to move north this morning. The main band is over northern Scotland, and a few tail end charlie thunderstorms in far north of England, and southern Scotland. A few more storms are likely to pop up over northern England today, and the rain over Scotland will be joined by the tail-enders too.

To the south of all that, it's a murky, muggy start to the week with a lot of cloud. The sun will break through in places though, which may in turn help to spark a few isolated sharp showers and storms through the day. Plus we have an area of rain affecting the Channel Islands, which is trying but mostly struggling to cross the channel into southern England.

That push of rain and storms from the south will come eventually though, with a spell of potentially torrential rain and lively storms likely to move north this evening and overnight. Central and eastern England look to be in the firing line for these. 

The Met Office have thunderstorm and rain warnings in place for all of this, as there is potential for some disruptive amounts of rain in a short period. 

Met office warnings

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Temperatures today will be warmest where the sun can come up for longest, and that's going to be in southern, central and eastern parts where highs into the mid-twenties are likely. Elsewhere, unless you're under the rain, it'll still feel warm and muggy, but maxes of the high-teens or low-twenties are more likely. 

Temperatures this afternoon

Overnight tonight, the storms and heavy rain moving up from the channel across the south will continue to move north and east. At the same time, the wet weather in Scotland will become confined to the far north. 

Tuesday then sees the thundery rain slowly clearing away from eastern and northeast England. That'll leave much of the country with similarly warm, muggy weather. There'll be a fair bit of cloud about, especially in the east, where some drizzly bits of rain are possible. Best of the sunshine will be in southern parts, which is where the warmest temperatures of 23-27c are likely to be. Other parts of the country will be similar to today at 17-22c. 

The downside of the higher temperatures in the south may be that some further downpours and storms develop though, but these will be quite few and far between.

Where did the heatwave go?

For the time being the hotter air which was forecast to move up over the country early this week is going to flirt with the south and southeast but mainly stay over the continent. From midweek onwards it does look set to have another go, so temperatures will start to jump up into the mid-high twenties, perhaps low-thirties by the weekend. There is a caveat to that too though, with eastern coastal counties likely to stay cooler as an onshore breeze brings some low cloud and chillier temperatures here. It also means it's sheltered western parts likely to see the highest temperatures, at least up to the weekend until that easterly flow slackens. 

From midweek onward, the shower and storm risk also lessens, leaving most parts dry through until Friday or Saturday. At that point, the threat of some thundery rain is likely to come back.

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