Late Spring pressure changes underway
Blog by Terry Scholey
20th May 2019 12:08

Late Spring pressure changes underway

Traditionally pressure systems begin to re-organise themselves about this time in May as we begin to lose those pesky spring northerlies. That transition is taking place at the moment, but with the origin of the air mass still from the North, the atmosphere is unstable, generating showers.

Early morning mist and patches of low cloud are clearing rapidly now, with some areas starting the day fine. Like yesterday though, cloud will build through the morning generating a scattering of showers, that'll be most frequent over the North and East of Scotland and across the eastern half of England. Some will become heavy, giving local hail and thunder, but such is the nature of showers that not everywhere will see them. Nevertheless almost anywhere could catch one and if you do they will be slow moving and therefore could last a while.

With winds mostly between the northwest and northeast mostly quite light, it'll feel pleasantly warm where you see the best of the sunshine. Top temperatures18 to 20C in the South, 15 to 17C further North but only 12 or 13C across North East Scotland.

Temperatures on Monday afternoon

There'll be a further scattering of showers into the evening, but these will fade overnight. Some patchy cloud and the odd shower will remain, but most parts become dry with clearing skies. This'll allow mist, patchy fog and some low cloud to form towards morning. But it's not expected to be a cold night, with minimum temperatures mostly in the range 6 to 11C.

Some places will dawn grey and misty tomorrow but this together with patchy fog will soon clear. Most parts then see sunny spells again, but cloud will build once more. Generally, though there'll be fewer showers than today, these mainly in the North and East. Nevertheless, some could still be heavy, giving hail and perhaps a crack of thunder, but many places will miss them and stay dry.

Winds will continue to be light between west and north, with top temperatures 20 to 22C where you see the best of the sunshine in central and southern parts. Elsewhere 16 to 19C is likely, with the bulk of the showers across the North and East of Scotland again, where temperatures may struggle to get much above 12 or 13C as a result.

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Temperatures on Tuesday afternoon

The evening sees the showers melting away to leave a mostly dry night with clearing skies. It'll turn misty again in places with patches of low cloud and fog forming towards morning although these shouldn't be widespread. Although perhaps becoming a little chilly in some rural areas, temperatures generally shouldn't fall below 7 to 10C.

The remainder of the week sees our more traditional westerly winds gradually returning, making it more unsettled from the West. Beforehand though, Thursday could turn out to be a reasonable day.

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