Showers bubbling up again today and tomorrow before a midweek lull

20th May 2019 10:07

Showers bubbling up again today and tomorrow before a midweek lull

More sunshine and showers on the way today, and just as we saw yesterday, some of those showers are liable to be heavy and thundery. 

We've already seen a few to start the day in eastern and southeast England, along with northeast Scotland. Those in Scotland will keep going, merging to form longer spells of rain in places. The ones in England should ease away, though, but it won't be long before more bubble up as the sun provides some fuel for them.

For the majority though, today will be a fine day with some good sunny spells.  It'll feel warm in the sunshine too, with highs of 16-20c typical for England. Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will be a touch cooler at 14-18c. 

This evening and overnight most of the showers will die away, but some patchy bits and pieces of rain are likely to continue across the eastern half of Scotland in particular. Like last night, a fair bit of low cloud and mist will tend to form, so Tuesday is likely to start with plenty of cloud. 

Cloudy for many on Tuesday morning

The showers on Tuesday will mainly be limited to eastern and southern Scotland, along with the north and northeast of England. Elsewhere will be drier with plenty of sunshine and just the odd isolated shower possible. Temperatures will be on a par with Monday's. 

By Wednesday, the showers will be even fewer and further between, with just a few likely to affect the north and east of Scotland. Elsewhere, lots of warm sunshine with temperatures peaking into the high-teens or low-twenties in England. Mid-High teens in other regions. 

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Temperatures Wednesday afternoon

Thursday does see the start of a change though, with an Atlantic low trying to push a front up across Ireland and into the British Isles from the southwest. There's some uncertainty as to how much success it'll have at this stage, but it does look probable that there'll be some outbreaks of rain into both Southern and Northern Ireland. And the proximity of the front may trigger some showers ahead of it, into western and central Britain too. Further east, it's likely to stay drier though. 

Friday then looks set to be another sunshine and showers sort of day - perhaps with more widespread showers by this point. Then into the bank holiday weekend, the mixed, changeable pattern is set to continue with showers or longer spells of rain moving through at times. In between them, there will still be some brighter, sunnier spells though. 

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