Warmth and sunshine here to stay for Easter weekend. Pollen, UV, Pollution levels and Fire risk up

19th April 2019 10:19

Warmth and sunshine here to stay for Easter weekend. Pollen, UV, Pollution levels and Fire risk up

For those who are on Easter holidays or off work for the long weekend there will be a lot of fine, dry and warm weather for the next few days with sunshine. Ideal for getting out and about, especially as we all know that UK bank holidays do have a bit of a dodgy reputation weather-wise. 

So warmth, right through the UK with temperatures into the low twenties (70F) even up to 24C for London. With high pressure building most places stay dry, just a bit of patchy rain from the far NW but there will be sunshine for everyone at some point. Remember to slap on the sunscreen when you reach for your sunglasses.

The easterly wind which has brought a bit of a chill recently, even when sunny, will ease off too so that will make a difference.

Overall the winds will be light Friday evening through til Sunday. There will be some early fog and mist inland, overall haziness and pockets of sea fog. As the high pressure takes hold the air above us doesn’t move on, there isn’t the usual clean replenishment from the Atlantic, so tiny particles begin to build up in the atmosphere, of water, smoke, dust, soil and pollution. The visibility during these longer sunny dry spells reduces, as the air slowly subsides with the particles suspended and trapped.

Tree pollen is high too and the UV levels are increasing. There are also warnings about the risk of wildfires. It’s going to be dry for much of the UK right into next week.

The FSI provides a trigger for fire prevention restrictions on access land mapped under the Countryside and Rights of Way Act (2000). Fire prevention restrictions aim to minimise accidental fires on access land vulnerable to wildfires by suspending open access rights when conditions become exceptional (FSI level 5).

Top temperatures on Thursday 23.3C for West Sussex, Highland 21C Gwynedd 20.9C and 17.9C Armagh. Overnight down to 0.2C in Cumbria and 0.8C in Aberdeenshire so a few chilly spots.

Good Friday. Fine, dry and sunny. There is still an easterly wind for SE Britain, digging further inland thus morning. A southerly for the rest of Britain and Ireland

Clear overnight and then a calm day on Saturday with more warmth and sunshine. There the chance of a few showers heading into Northern Ireland on Saturday afternoon and one or two reaching Scotland and NW England by the evening. These will be well scattered but just a bit of an interruption to the fine, dry story.

Easter Sunday still looks lovely again for most, sunny and warm with light winds but again more unsettled weather nudges into the far NW, so cooler and more cloud here with some rain.

Easter Monday

The high pushes the frontal band away and brisk winds will pull up more warmth but there could be some sharp showers for The Channel Islands, SW England maybe into Wales. Just something to watch in the forecast as the weekend progresses.

Have a great break and Happy Easter.

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