Temperatures on the up as Easter approaches

17th April 2019 10:08

Temperatures on the up as Easter approaches

As it's a rare treat when the weather plays ball during a holiday weekend, the only thing most people want to know at the moment is just how warm it's going to be over Easter. So, we may as well answer that straight off the bat - it'll be 18-22c widely, some places perhaps a touch warmer (25c maybe?), but cooler close to some east coasts.

Easter Saturday temperatures

Since the average high at this time of year is around the 10-12c mark, that's well up there. April has a knack of delivering warm spells like this, so not too unusual, and the April temperature record is not going to be in danger, as that's 29.4c set in London way back in 1949.

So, when is this warmth going to arrive?

Well, it's already starting to show its hand today with highs making it up into the high teens and maybe even low-twenties here and there. A fair bit of low cloud and murk did roll in overnight though, so it'll take a while in many places for the sun to come out. 

And when will the warm weather end?

Tricky one this, as there is some uncertainty. It may be that by Easter Sunday and Monday, the far northwest starts to see more cloud and even some light rain moving in, but elsewhere the whole long weekend looks fine and warm. That boundary between cooler, cloudier weather to the northwest is going to be hard to predict, so it may be that it just stays far enough away for even the northwest to stay fine throughout. Then into next week, the most likely picture is that we will cool down and become less settled from the northwest, but don't bet against the fine weather sticking around a while longer. 

Check your local Easter weekend forecast here

Back to today, some places will keep some cloud throughout, but many of us will see warm sunshine breaking through. That may just help to trigger some showers in eastern and central England later on, they could even be heavy and thundery but will likely be few and far between. 

They then ease during the evening and overnight to leave all parts dry, but with more low cloud rolling in again. That will clear during Thursday though, with more sunshine coming through and lifting temperatures into the high-teens or low-twenties. 

Temperatures on Thursday afternoon

Notice the cooler greens in near to eastern coasts though, as the onshore breeze keeps a lid on the temperatures. 

Good Friday then lives up to its name, bringing plenty more fine, warm sunshine. Easter Saturday follows suit, although we may need to watch out for the risk of a shower in the northwest of Scotland - lots of uncertainty over this right now though. 

Easter Sunday and Monday aren't likely to bring a great deal of change either, with warm sunny weather the norm. Eastern coasts are still liable to be cooler at times though, as we will need to watch goings-on to the northwest to see just how much progress any weather fronts can make in the UK's direction.

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