UK Weather: After all that wind and rain, something more settled. Flood warnings remain.

18th March 2019 11:32

UK Weather: After all that wind and rain, something more settled. Flood warnings remain.

This week does look more settled and drier, which maybe be a relief if you saw persistent rain, flooding high winds or even snowfall last week. That doesn’t mean it will be dry all the time, there is rain from the west today, but it won’t be anywhere near as heavy. Over 5” of rain was recorded in the Welsh mountains on Saturday, with more probably falling away from the gauges. All of that continues to make its way down into the Valleys, even over the next day or so.


You may remember that Storm Desmond resulted in widespread flooding and the Name our Storms project now includes naming low pressures linked to not just winds, but also heavy rain and snow.

Other weather types will also be considered, specifically rain if its impact could lead to flooding as advised by the Environment Agency, SEPA and Natural Resources Wales flood warnings. Therefore 'storms systems' could be named on the basis of impacts from the wind but also include the impacts of rain and snow.

Met Eireann is still quite happily naming storms. The UK Met Office seems to be in a bit of a mood about it all.  I say that in confusion, frustration and from a standpoint of wanting it to work. Even the national weather warnings have become quite bizarre recently and the stroppy retort of “it needs an amber warning, or that there might be an amber” has become too random for anyone to know what is going on. That parameter seems to relate to the winds but we've had at least two that didn't reach amber. This weekend the low was not named, we have not had #StormHannah but Met Office partners such as Network Rail and the Environment Agency were using Storm Hannah in their social media messages. As an event overall, Saturday’s weather did impact many people, certainly for Wales, northern England and Scotland. Maybe as a wind storm, it wasn't wild enough?

Met Office Why are we Naming storms? The naming of storms using a single authoritative system should aid the communication of approaching severe weather through media partners and other government agencies.

It’s a shame it's in such chaos as it is a very useful communication tool as long as the people you are playing with don’t pick up the ball and walk off with it.

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This week

High pressure lurks away to the south settling our UK weather down. There will be a low pressure skirting by on Wednesday bringing blustery winds to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Another low pressure heads in Thursday night and Friday which will bring rain and brisk winds to more of Northern Britain and Ireland but at the moment it looks like high pressure will take over for next weekend.

There is some milder air about for the first half of the week lifting the temperatures into the low to mid-teens. By Friday there will be colder air from the NW with some sleet and hill snow in the mix.

A few spots might see up to 17C as the strengthening March sunshine gets to work. By night, it will feel cool but not bitterly cold with just a few touches of frost tonight and then 6 or 7C for most of the towns and cities until later in the week.


There has been a fine, sunny start for much of England and eastern Scotland. To the west, there is more cloud and frontal rain edging across the UK. Overall the rain is fading but today there will still be some heavier bursts, just briefly as the area of rain becomes more showery through the day. By Tuesday there won’t be much rain except for NW Scotland which will see wet weather tomorrow and dampness for western Britain and Northern Ireland.

The cloud amounts vary too as weak frontal bands drift in off the Atlantic, but in a bit of shelter and any sunny spells, it will feel warm. It’s that time of year, stronger sunshine but still a nip in the wind and dramatic changes week to week or even day by day. At least it’s not as windy today. 

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