A mixed week expected over the Alps
Blog by Julian R
3rd March 2019 13:14

A mixed week expected over the Alps

In broad brush terms, the winter so far has seen record-breaking snowy weather over parts of the Alps for January. It turned much more settled over the Alps as moved through February with some very mild conditions over the past couple of weeks. The start of March looks different once again with a changeable week currently suggested. 

The current weather pattern over the Alps is a ridge of High Pressure with a mild South Westerly flow. Into the start of next week, the stormy weather over the Uk is set to move Eastwards with some strong Westerly winds over Northern mainland Europe and over the Alps. This also bringing some cooler weather with some precipitation likely.

For the mid part of next week, an area of low pressure is expected over NW Europe, initially feeding in some SW winds on the eastern flank and a mild Tropical Maritime airmass. As this area of low-pressure edges eastwards, winds veering to more of a NW flow, bringing in a much cooler Polar Maritime airmass.

Towards the weekend, a ridge of High Pressure is set to move in from the west, so becoming quieter once again over the Alps.



Precipitation / Snowfall

Dry over the alps today, Monday sees a band of precipitation edging in from the West, bringing heavy bursts initially for France and Switzerland but hit moving eastwards quickly on brisk winds so effecting Austria later in the day. Snow initially from 1200m but lowering during the day.


Some showery precipitation for Northern parts on Tuesday, but this quickly fading.

Dry in the east on Wednesday but some showers in western fringes of the Alps. Snow level above 2000m.

Thursday sees the next main system as a band of precipitation edges in from the west, with some large precipitation totals for France and Switzerland through the day, edging into Austria later but fragmenting as it does so. Snow Levels 1800m on the front edge but lowering to 1200m behind.


Further showery outbreaks likely on Friday.


Moderate snowfalls possible this week, perhaps 50cm above 1800m.

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