A year ago the Beast brought cold and snow, no such problems as we end February 2019

23rd February 2019 10:20

A year ago the Beast brought cold and snow, no such problems as we end February 2019

This time last year the UK was headed into the freezer with heavy snow on the way as the Beast from the East arrived, fast-forward 12 months and what a difference.

We've already seen the February temperature record in Scotland broken this week, and we're going to keep the very mild weather going through the weekend and into next week with more local and maybe national records potentially set to fall.

Today, there is some overnight mist and fog to clear some eastern and central parts of England but once goes, for most, it'll be another fine, often sunny and warm feeling day. Ireland and later western Scotland will be the exceptions to the rule though, with cloud and outbreaks of rain crossing Ireland already, and moving into Scotland into the afternoon as a weather front moves in. 

Temperatures will peak at 14-16c quite widely today, with some spots a touch warmer. Where there are winners, there will be some losers as well though, with some southern coastal counties seeing low cloud regularly visiting from the channel, bringing a cooler, if not chilly feel at times - much as was the case yesterday.

Temperatures this afternoon

Tonight, as the front which moved into Western Scotland tries to move further southeast, it'll quickly fade to not much more than a line of cloud, with the high pressure to the east sucking the life out of it. The cloud will keep temperatures up though, but either side of it, another chilly night is likely, with a touch of frost in places, along with more fog patches in southern and eastern England. 

A front overnight bringing extra cloud to central Britain

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Into Sunday, any early mist and fog will clear, leaving many with another bright or sunny day. With that front still in play though, there will be some additional cloud floating about at times across England and Wales though. As with today, some southern counties keep seeing low-cloud coming in off the sea at times too, this time more likely in southeast England and East Anglia though, with central and western parts likely to see more sunshine. 

Scotland and much of Ireland will be cloudier again too, with more of an Atlantic influence here, and it's not just the cloud, it'll be blustery as well with gales likely in the Western Isles. Elsewhere, with calmer winds, it'll be feeling very spring-like again with highs of 13-15c typically. 

Windy in the west and north on Sunday
Looking ahead to next week, high pressure will continue to run the show, so lots more of the fine, mostly dry, very mild weather to come. Don't be surprised to see Scotland nearing record temperatures again on Monday, and Tuesday or Wednesday could be days to watch for the national record of 19.7c in parts of England. There will still be some chilly nights with patchy frost and fog though; it is still February after all.

Later in the week, with (meteorological) Winter drawing to a close, it does look like the high pressure and warmth will start to ease their grip, as Atlantic low pressures begin to make some inroads bringing with them a likely change to less settled weather with temperatures heading back towards more normal values for the time of the year. It's expected to be the northwest seeing the switch first, and it may take a good while for it to make all the way across the country.

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