UK weather: ICE still a risk with a few wintry bits today. Milder air and rain from the west

24th January 2019 09:04

UK weather: ICE still a risk with a few wintry bits today. Milder air and rain from the west

Ice is an issue again this morning for eastern and central Britain with a wintry mix over eastern England, bringing a little bit of snow this morning. There is also sleet and rain so all that will add to the icy conditions with the sub-zero temperatures. Milder air is approaching from the west which will stick around until later on Saturday when a cold front sweeps in resulting in a bitter north wind for the end of the weekend.

Some parts of Cumbria and Northumberland didn’t get above zero yesterday, with snow cover on the hills and a sparkly lingering frost. Overnight many parts of eastern Britain have seen temperatures down to -4C with Aberdeenshire and Highland down to -9C. Further west it isn’t as cold this morning and that’s thanks to an incoming warm front with its veil of cloud stretching out ahead over western Britain and rain for Ireland.  

It will be a slow-moving day with very light winds, bright skies in the east and increasing cloud from the west. The warm front rain will continue for Northern Ireland, be patchy over Wales and affect SW England. There are already outbreaks of icy rain into the West Midlands, with the cold air by the surface. The rain band is also reaching western Scotland too and will be preceded by snow over the hills and mountains. It’s progress eastwards will be quite slow during today.

The wintry mix over eastern England slides SE today, bringing rain, sleet and a little snow. This should be clearing Kent and the Thames Estuary this evening and it will feel cold in a moderate N/NW wind.

By teatime, it will be noticeably milder for Northern Ireland, Wales and SW England but still chilly further east with a frost once more.

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By Friday there will be more cloud about. The far SE of Britain could still have a chilly start, just ahead of the milder air with very light winds but soon enough the westerly breeze takes hold and it will be a mild day for most. It will be grey and damp for NW Britain and Northern Ireland turning wet over northern Scotland by Friday evening. It will be a milder night for most of the UK, quite a change from the recent sub-zero frosty ones.

The Weekend

There is quite a spread of solutions in the models for the weekend. Overall a low pressure moves near or over the UK bringing wind and rain and when it clears there will be a brisk northerly flow making it feel much colder. The position of the low and the timings vary a bit, but it does look unsettled and much colder towards the end of the weekend than the start. Settling snow looks to be over the higher hills although you might see flurries and wet snow passing by.

Next week

A flow from the Atlantic looks likely but with a NW theme, so cold and still potentially wintry. It is January after all. 

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