This Week: Atlantic Jet Stream In Control, So Mild, Rain At Times & Often Windy

17th December 2018 08:27

This Week: Atlantic Jet Stream In Control, So Mild, Rain At Times & Often Windy

This week’s weather will be quite different to last weeks. Last week featured a blocking area of high pressure over Scandinavia controlling our weather for much of it, bringing a chilly but dry flow off the near continent, with bright days and frosty nights. However, Storm Deirdre on Saturday brought an end to the blocked weather, so in contrast this week, our weather will be coming in off the Atlantic, driven by a strong jet stream, which will bring mild and often windy weather with spells of rain or showers.

After last week's blocked and benign weather, the jet stream is back in control this week, bringing unsettled conditions.


Most of us are starting the new working week on a dry but chilly note, with some patchy frost around, more particularly in the north, while there are a few fog patches to watch out for too. For many it will remain dry and fine this morning, with sunny spells, though there will be a few well scattered showers affecting western coastal counties of Britain. Through the afternoon, cloud will thicken across more western areas, with some showery rain spreading northeast across the island of Ireland then SW England, Wales and western Scotland. Central and eastern areas remaining dry and bright or sunny though. Temperatures reaching 6-9C across eastern areas to a milder 9-12C in the west, a southerly breeze for most, though strengthening across the west.

Through the evening a vale of cloud and some showery rain will continue eastwards across mainland Britain, the southerly wind increasing, particularly across the west, with gales or severe gales developing up across the island of Ireland and through the Irish Sea.

Mild and rather cloudy overnight, with patchy rain at times for most, a band of heavy and more persistent rain associated with an active cold front along with gale or severe gale force southerly winds spreading in across the island of Ireland and western Scotland through the night.

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Tuesday will be mostly cloudy, mild and windy, with band of heavy rain moving slowly east across northern and western areas through the morning, accompanied by a strong to gale force southerly wind, before the wind and rain slowly reaches eastern England through the afternoon or early evening. Brighter and less windy weather following across the west in the afternoon, though a few showers are possible, especially towards western coasts. Rather mild, temperatures reaching 9-10C in the east, 10-12C in the west.


The cold front bringing Tuesday’s rain will move on eastwards taking its rain away from eastern areas in the early hours of Wednesday to leave many with a mostly dry start to Wednesday. There maybe some showers from the word go across southern and southeastern counties of England, but for many eastern areas it’s looking a mostly dry and bright or sunny day. However, with low pressure close to the northwest of Ireland, showers will spread east across Ireland, N. Ireland then over the Irish sea to affect far SW of England, Wales and western Scotland. A cooler day, temperatures reaching 6-7C in the north, 7-10C in the south.


Low pressure close by the northwest on Thursday, so breezy with sunny spells and showers, these mostly towards the west, though anywhere at risk of a passing shower. Temperatures reaching 7-9C generally, perhaps 10-11C across the far south.


Some uncertainty by Friday, with models differing in track of a low and associated fronts moving east across the UK, but it looks like a spell of wind and rain moving east to affect parts of England and Wales, and also maybe affecting southern Scotland too, though most of Scotland could stay dry and bright.

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