Colder next week, but does that mean snow or just frost?

6th December 2018 12:44

Colder next week, but does that mean snow or just frost?

Headlines are screeching about SNOW again. Claiming the Met Office say you will all definitely see snow next week as it turns colder. The Met Office has said next week looks colder and there will be a few snow showers but not quite as dramatic.

The signs of colder air across Britain are quite stark for next week with a strong signal in the forecasts for a northerly flow. However the air is quite dry pressure is building from Sunday onwards and so winds will be light and with clear skies, by night there will be widespread frosts. 

"unleash bitterly cold winds across the nation " Express

The cold air arrives in northern Scotland on Sunday with snow showers, so several cms over the Grampians and Highlands inland. That's it really.

After the wet and windy weather of this week, high pressure edges in and the winds ease down at least until the middle of next week. Tuesday night there could be a bit of hill snow as a weather front pushes in from the west against the cold air, but rain will follow.

Monday night Frost and Ice risk.

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On Wednesday again the chance of hail, sleet and hill snow from showers over the Pennines and Scottish mountains. Confidence is lower further ahead but at some point next week, a  band of frontal rain will come in from the Atlantic and meet the cold air, which could bring wet or wintry weather, including a bit of snow. There are signs of this for Thursday morning but it's a fair way off and often the settled high pressure area can hold on for a bit longer. If the rain does appear, it will turn windy again too.

So we have some ingredients. Much colder air. Moisture from the west but it's not the setup for a winter wonderland across the UK. It's December it is getting colder, so if it is windy it will feel cold but it's not that extreme and the colder air for the start of next week coincides with lighter winds so just widespread frost. 

Remember to keep an eye on the Netweather Radar App or web link, and if you chose Precipitation type you can see where it is snowing or raining. Example from Feb 2018 Beast from the East.

Before that, wet and windy on Friday 7th, Yellow wind warning N.Ireland and northern Britain.
Strong winds, gales and high gusts for southern Britain Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Will it snow forecast?
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