Remembrance Sunday - Weather for the Centenary commemorations

6th November 2018 11:46

Remembrance Sunday - Weather for the Centenary commemorations

Alongside the usual Remembrance services and parades, this year there are extra events as the Legion is marking the centenary of the First World War (2014 to 2018) with commemorations in the UK and Republic of Ireland with a focus on Remembrance, education and legacy. The Royal British Legion is recognised as a national champion of Remembrance. There will be a cold start on Sunday morning but recovering in the south by 11am. The overall picture is quite mixed with a low pressure away to the north.

The Royal British Legion, in partnership with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, has developed, a project to individually commemorate over 1 million Commonwealth Service men and women who were killed during the First World War.

A cold start early on Sunday and it won't be as mild as it was at the start of this week. If you are looking on a weather app for Sunday morning you might see showers or rain in the forecast but they could change time, or disappear. This far ahead we can't pinpoint a shower at 11am in a particular place but looking at the bigger picture is seems western shores and the far south of England could see some rain on Sunday morning. 

Remembrance Sunday at the 2018 Cenotaph Service and Parade in Whitehall on 11 November. Cloudy and blustery 11C. Will have to watch showery rain, currently forecast to stay south of London. Netweather Radar

Edinburgh 4C cold, dry and bright

Manchester 9C breezy and cool, risk of a shower

Cardiff 11C cloudy, breezy feeling cool, could be light showers.

Belfast 4C bright, dry but cold

Jersey 13C wet and windy.   7 day forecast for your location.

100 years ago the First World War ended, and a new world began. The example and experience of those who lived through it shaped the world we live in today. In 2018 The Royal British Legion is leading the nation in saying Thank You to all who served, sacrificed and changed our world.

Aberlady Garden of Remembrance, East Lothian.

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