11th June 2018 09:04

All change. Wet and windy midweek spell thanks to jetstream shift

For the start of this week we have more settled, dry weather under an area of high pressure. However, by Wednesday an Atlantic low sweeps across the UK, we haven’t had one of those in a while. So finally, a shift from the easterly flow. Western areas have been warm, often sunny and apart from the thundery showers, there hasn’t been much rain across the UK.

Growers and farmers, still recuperating after the cold start to 2018, now have dry conditions with a good deal of sunshine.

This week’s rain will mostly be over NW Britain and Northern Ireland where it will be very windy at times too. Another change for this week. A series of low pressures begin to line up from the west as the jet stream begins to shift, aiming the lows near to the UK. It was away to the north previously, split and weaker around the high pressure over western Europe.


There are blue skies and sunshine for a good part of Britain for Monday morning. We have more cloud for northern Britain and over Northern Ireland (although with some sunny breaks) and through the English Channel with cover over SE England. This is thick enough in places to give light rain. Most areas will remain dry and fine. The wind has a northerly component and it will feel cooler for much of Scotland and Northern Ireland and exposed coasts of Wales. Southern Britain will feel warm at 21 to 25C and northern England, away from the coasts, could reach 20 to 23C. There will be a scattering of showers inland by this afternoon. These look most likely for the southern Pennines, Peak District across to eastern/NE England. Also a few for SW Britain and central western Scotland. Watch the radar for these as there could be some hefty downpours, even thunderstorms.

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Temperatures will be subdued by Tuesday with the northerly taking hold, with 12 to 20 looking more likely. More cloud will affect eastern England and there will be isolated showers for western Britain but not many.

For many Wednesday will be another fine day with sunny spells.  The winds will be from the SW and will freshen but it does mean areas east of the Pennines could have some midweek warmth. Wind and rain set in for Northern Ireland in the afternoon then for western Scotland.

This is the weather changing as the low sweeps past the NW of the UK

There will be strong winds, gales even for Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland with gusts over 60mph, quite a change. The heavy rain will be in the far NW, but the cold front will sweep SE across the UK, faltering as it reaches SE Britain though. Thursday will start off windy, if you are out cycling for Bike Week, with gales for the far north of Scotland. By the afternoon SE Britain will be warmer at 21C with the winds easing here. Elsewhere remains blustery and cooler with a feed of showers from the west.

Then a rather mixed picture of bright, sunny spells and showers from the west. There will be a SW or westerly wind with temperatures usually in the mid to high teens.

Thunderstorm/Convective forecast for today by Nick Finnis 

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