26th May 2018 10:05

A weekend of highs and lows - sunshine and thunderstorms

High pressure over Scandinavia and low pressure to the South, continue to bring winds from an easterly quarter across the country. These'll bring a mixed bag of weather over the Bank Holiday weekend, but despite this, most places will see further spells of warm sunshine every now and again.

High to our northeast low to our south

It's certainly mixed this morning, with many places waking to low cloud, mist or fog. Patchy drizzle across the far North of England will 'peter-out', with showers across the South East and central southern England. These'll move slowly North and West as 'hit and miss' affairs to affect parts of the South West, Wales and the Midlands, before becoming melting away. Towards evening though further showers and storms will develop across the South West and towards the south coast. For many parts of England and Wales though, it'll be a fine day with spells of hazy sunshine once the gloom has lifted.

Temperatures this afternoon

It'll become humid especially in the South, with temperatures reaching a very warm 23 to 25C where you see the best of the sunshine. It'll be cooler towards North Sea coasts though, where mist and low cloud may persist for much of the day, with 18 to 22C a more general maximum temperature.

West Scotland and Northern Ireland should see the best of the sunshine today, with mist and low cloud over North East Scotland breaking up through the morning. The sun will lift temperatures to 23 or 25C in some sheltered western spots, but it'll be cooler towards Moray and Aberdeen where low cloud may be more stubborn. Temperatures here will get no higher than 12 to 14C, with 17 to 21C more likely in other parts. Winds across the country generally, will be light or moderate North Easterly.

Much of Scotland, Northern Ireland and northern England have a dry evening and night, with further sunshine to end the day. It'll turn misty in places with patches of low cloud returning, especially towards North Sea coasts. A light East or North East wind may also allow a few short-lived fog patches to form in some sheltered Highland glens, as temperatures fall to between 5 and 9C. Norfolk and the North and East Midlands should also stay dry, but with the risk of catching a storm later in the night. Elsewhere though, you'll be more at risk of seeing a heavy shower or an electrical storm that'll be moving slowly up from the South. Should you catch one, there could be torrential rain with a risk of localised 'flash' flooding, but these'll be 'hit and miss' affairs. It'll turn misty, with patchy fog and low cloud reforming especially in the East on a humid night in the South, as temperatures fall to 11 to 15C.

After yet another grey, misty start in places more especially towards North Sea coasts, most parts see spells of warm, hazy sunshine coming through. The best of the sun should again be over Scotland and Northern Ireland, with sheltered parts of West Scotland probably reaching a very warm 23 or 24C once more. An East or North Easterly breeze, however, will keep East Scotland particularly towards the coast cooler, where patchy sea mist may continue to come ashore every now and again.

Over England and Wales, you'll also see some hazy sunshine coming through to make it quite summery at times, once overnight showers and storms have melted away. During the afternoon though more showers and thunderstorms will develop especially over Wales and from the Midlands southwards. These again will be 'hit and miss' affairs, but if you catch one, they could give torrential downpours with hail, bringing the risk of local 'flash' flooding. Top temperatures 24 to 26C in the sunnier spots and 19 to 23C more generally, but towards North Sea coasts an East or North Easterly breeze may continue to bring mist in at times off the sea keeping it much cooler here.

There'll continue to be scattered showers and thunderstorms into the evening, that may break out further North to perhaps affect parts of Northern Ireland and the North of England. Elsewhere they should slowly fade after dark, leading to a misty, humid night. Over Scotland, it should stay mainly dry with clear spells, especially in the West. Winds remain mostly light or moderate East or North East, with lowest temperatures 14 to 16C in the South and 6 to 10C in the North.

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