Video by Jo Farrow
26th February 2018 14:37

Jo Farrow: The cold has arrived but the worst is yet to come

It is now feeling cold, but actually, the most intense cold won’t reach the UK until Wednesday, added onto that a bitter easterly wind, the wind chill will be severe. So, there is ice, frost as well and of course the snow.

The met office has issued plenty of warnings. We have a yellow warning for eastern England through the latter part of Monday with amber warnings for Tuesday as pockets of heavier snow develop, so a stream of heavier showers coming in along the Thames and also one for eastern England as a low pressure brings heavier snow in from the east for Yorkshire, particularly the North York Moors, peaks, pennies and then across to Wales, heavier snow around on Tuesday.

There will be disruption to travel with lying snow and drifting problems in the winds.

Middle of the week an Amber warning for NE Britain, still those brisk winds bringing those snow showers, accumulations beginning to tot up and you’ve got that wind chill for the middle of the week.

So that’s the main focus, eastern areas with the snow showers pushing further inland, the wind chill for the middle of the week and then as we head through Thurs/Friday, a low pressure heading up from the south which could bring more problems with snow and blizzard conditions. I’ll update you on that in the middle of the week.

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