Turning a little colder for the Alps from the North East
Blog by Julian R
Published on 18th February 2018 12:39

Turning a little colder for the Alps from the North East

Weather / Snow Conditions

Entering the second half of the skiing season, we have had an excellent skiing season so far for the Alps and Pyrenees. Snow Depths are the best in a number of years with excellent on-piste conditions so far this winter. At times there have been severe conditions over the Alps with high winds, and the sheer amount of snow has cut off resorts and there has been a very high risk of avalanches.  

Over recent weeks, the extreme weather conditions have subsided, and as a result the avalanche risk has lessened but it is always worth checking resort notices for the latest up-to-date information especially if going off piste.  

The past couple of days has seen steady snowfall to give excellent on-piste conditions over the Alps.


As has been very widely discussed elsewhere on Net Weather, there has been a substantial Sudden Stratospheric Warming event

A more detailed explanation here (SSW)

This appears to have opened the floodgates to very cold air over Eastern Russia to push Westwards across Northern Europe, over the next 7-14 days.

At the moment there is a weak area of High Pressure over the Alps, with generally settled weather over the Alps, and around average temperatures.

Into next week and an easterly looks to be established over the Alps feeding in colder air from the East. However for now it looks as if the very coldest air will remain to the North East and possibly turning very much colder in around 10 days time.

The detail on this at this stage is very sketchy, strong SSW events are still relatively rare and models struggle with them somewhat.



The theme of colder air edging in from the North East seems settled for the alps. However there remains inter-run difference as to how far South and West the colder air extends. However generally looking cold for Northern areas, and at worst average temps for the far South West.


Dry for the next couple of days for the Western alps, but with showery precipitation over Austria for much of today.

Looking dry for Monday, with areas of precipitation edging in from both the West and East of the Alps, before merging over Central areas, to give some precipitation for most of the Alps.

The current theme for the remainder of the week, is for western areas to remain dry, with periods of moderate precipitation for much of Austria (and Slovenia and Western Hungary).


chart (

With low temperatures, some moderate accumulations of snow are possible for the Eastern Alps, with 25-50cm of fresh snow widely and perhaps over 50cm possible in places.


Turning colder from the North East with some moderate snowfalls for Eastern parts of the Alps, but perhaps the main impacts of the SSW will be apparent next week.  

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