Eleanor's Wind Easing, Then More Rain And Wind On The Way Before A Colder Change

3rd January 2018 09:29

Eleanor's Wind Easing, Then More Rain And Wind On The Way Before A Colder Change

Storm Eleanor is now out into the North Sea, but it'll be staying windy and showery for much of today. Overnight Great Dun Fell in the Lake District has topped the wind charts with a gust of 100mph. Second on the list is the Isle of Portland in the English Channel at 84mph. 

The winds will be moving a little from their peak through today, but still gusting 55-70mph at times, especially during any showers, before finally starting to really ease back during the afternoon. 

If you catch a shower today, you're liable to know about it, as many will be heavy and squally. Between them though, there'll be some sunny spells. Bucking the trend entirely will be the northern half of Scotland. Here, winds are lighter and the showers should be far and far between - especially in central and eastern regions. Temperatures today, peaking at 7-10c for much of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, 4-7c for Scotland.

This evening and overnight, many of the showers will ease back, especially away from the west. That's going to lead to a chilly overnight period in the north, with a touch of frost in places. Further south, it's a different story with the next spell of rain and wind inbound from the southwest. By 6am, this is the state of play, with the rain having made it into Wales, southern England the Midlands, much of East Anglia and starting to get into northern England. The strongest winds will be affecting south Wales, southwest England and central southern England. 

Wind and rain Thursday 6am

The rain will continue to move northeast during the day but is going to have a job making progress too much further north than southern Scotland. Once it reaches that point, it'll tend to stick, meaning a wet end to the day for northern England especially, before it fades and clears into the North Sea. To the south of it, there'll be a clearer period before a good few showers start to move in from the west. The strongest winds will stay further south, gradually easing later on.

Turning Colder

Friday will see a change starting to come through, but it'll not be without its complications. Across the northern half of the country, winds will be swinging round into the northeast at this stage, bringing colder air with them. Further south, we'll have yet another low moving in from the Atlantic - and the track on it is still quite uncertain.

So, ignoring the finer details for now, it's likely to be a cloudy, showery day, with blustery wind - this starting to feel quite bitter further north, with the showers turning increasingly wintry.  By Saturday, the low is likely to be right across the country, although it may be that it zips through a bit more speedily and clears east earlier in the day than shown, to leave all parts in the northeast wind, sooner rather than later. 

Low pressure and cold northeast winds on Saturday

By Sunday, the weather will settle down a little,  with high pressure not far from the north of the UK. It'll still be cold though, with the keen northeast wind continuing to blow in a few wintry showers. Closer to the centre of the high, across Scotland, much of Ireland and perhaps also northern England, winds will be lighter. So expect a hard frost, early and late. 

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