One Eleanor Storm Arriving Later Today

2nd January 2018 10:00

One Eleanor Storm Arriving Later Today

The far East of Scotland and England may see some brightness first thing, but the weather remains in a very unsettled mood for the return to work this morning. In a quickly changing situation, we have yet more Atlantic systems crossing from West to East today and for much of the coming week. That'll mean wet and even stormy weather at times, before it turns much colder from the North into the weekend.

Radar earlier this morning - rain crossing the countryCheck the live rain radar here.

Northern Ireland, West Wales and the South West have already turned wet, this spreading to most parts during the morning. The rain will be heavy across the North and Scotland, but somewhat lighter and patchy further South. Snow is likely over Scottish hills and the North Pennines, with snow perhaps falling at lower levels in the far North for a time. A clearance to sunny intervals and blustery showers, however, will soon reach Northern Ireland, spreading to some other western areas by mid-day.

The afternoon sees remaining rain clearing to the East, leaving brighter weather with a scattering of blustery showers mostly in the West, where some will be heavy. In a rapidly changing situation though, more cloud and outbreaks of rain will be moving into Northern Ireland and parts of Wales by dusk.

Rain this evening

Southerly winds ahead of the rain veer South West as the weather clears, becoming fresh or strong with gales in exposed areas, before moderating towards dusk giving a brief lull. It'll be colder in the far North, with the thermometer here struggling to get above 4 to 6C but milder further South, with top temperatures 6 to 9C across Northern Ireland and in the North and 10 or 11C in the South.

Storm Eleanor

The evening brings some concern, as storm Eleanor arrives as a small but vigorous and deepening depression crossing the country prompting weather warnings later today.

All parts see a spell of rain heavy in places, that's quickly followed overnight by clear intervals and squally showers some heavy, giving local hail and thunder. Flooding may occur, and there'll be further snow on Scottish hills, with a cold East or North Easterly wind in the far North. As the rain clears, a West or South Westerly gale develops away from North Scotland in a stormy night, with damaging severe gale or storm force gusts of up to 80mph possible across northern England in particular in exposed areas and squally showers in the West. This'll make it feel rather cold by morning, but temperatures shouldn't fall below 4 to 8C.

48 hour rainfall totals

Much of Scotland should have lighter breezes on Wednesday, with a mixture of sunny intervals and scattered showers giving hill snow. Elsewhere it'll be a day of passing blustery showers heavy in places between sunny intervals, with the best of these in the East. The showers will be frequent in the West and over Northern Ireland where they could become prolonged, with local hail and thunder.

The Westerly wind will be gusting to severe gale force at first across northern England, in exposed areas and the more squally showers before moderating a little towards dusk. It'll feel cold in the wind, but despite this, temperatures should reach 5 to 7C in the North and 8 to 10C in the South.

Clear intervals and light winds after dark over Scotland and the far North of England allow it to turn quite cold, with a slight frost, particularly in the glens. There continue to be scattered showers mostly in coastal areas, with mostly hill snow. Elsewhere a West then South West wind will continue to decrease with the blustery showers fading, ahead of more cloud and rain approaching the South West towards morning. Lowest temperatures -2 to +2C over Scotland, with probably enough wind and cloud at times further South to prevent the thermometer from falling below 3 to 6C.

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