Brian Bringing Gusty Winds and A Rash Of Showers

21st October 2017 09:45

Brian Bringing Gusty Winds and A Rash Of Showers

Storm Brian is with us to start this weekend, so if you were hoping for some Autumn sunshine, and the opportunity to cut the grass one last time this season, today isn't the day. It's Met Eireann who named Brian, as the most significant effects will be felt over the south of Ireland, but even so, coastal regions of southern and western Britain, in particular, will see gales or severe gales. With the added threat of some coastal flooding (See the latest flood warnings here).

Currently Mumbles Head in south Wales leads the way wind wise, with a gust of 71mph a little earlier. Other coastal regions in the west and south of England and Wales will also peak at similar speeds, inland, 45-55mph is more likely. 

The first spell of rain from Brian moved through overnight; now we're left with a more showery regime. Although some of those will tend to gang up into bands in the west, before moving southeast. The radar from earlier shows the rash of showers which have already developed - see how they're spiralling around the low which is currently over Ireland.

Radar earlier this morning 

There is a risk of storms today, take a look at the storm forecast for more details

The low will move over from Ireland and into southern Scotland later, then out into the North Sea overnight. As it makes its move, the stronger winds will be further north, affecting Northern England, North Wales, Northern Ireland and the South of Scotland. By this point, the gusts are likely to reach around 60mph in exposed places.

Wind animation

Into tomorrow morning, with Brian still in the North Sea, not too far away, it stays blustery, but winds will be lighter than today. There'll be some showers around, especially running down from the northwest, but those further southeast could well miss them altogether. It'll be a cool feeling day, especially taking into the effects of the wind, but there will at least be some sunny spells - especially in more sheltered regions.

Later in the day, the next batch of rain will be showing itself across Ireland, and that's going to mean Monday starts wet for many parts of Britain. It'll clear much of the country by the end of the day though, leaving the chance for some late sunshine or brightness, with just a few showers. That respite won't last too long though, as the next system makes a move in from the west overnight and into Tuesday. This one will bring some stronger winds, especially for the far north of the country. 

Midweek keeps some outbreaks of rain with us, but the wind will be swinging into the south by this point, starting to pull up warmer air. It's a long way off at this point, so subject to change, but take a look at the forecast temperatures for Thursday, 23c showing for some, that's very warm for the time of the year.

Temperatures on Thursday

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