A couple of weeks of Summer left - Time for a snow fix!
Blog by Paul Michaelwaite
Published on 15th August 2017 11:48

A couple of weeks of Summer left - Time for a snow fix!

If you're not a snow fan, then you're probably looking at this wondering what on earth I'm talking about. But for us snow and winter lovers, it's slowly edging toward that time of year where we can start getting a bit excited about snow prospects again.

So, I figured why not - let's get a quick snow fix in before summer is even finished with us.

It's already snowing in the mountains!

Last week, Zermatt (Switzerland) got a pretty decent dump of snow.

It's not too uncommon at this time of year, but for now at least it's warmed up again, could be some snow again this weekend though, based on the current forecast.

On the flipside though, it's tough times for many of the glaciers across the globe currently, as our warming planet is putting them at risk. The recent heatwave (Lucifer) shut down the usual summer skiing on the Stelvio Pass glacier in Italy for the first time in 90 years. (More info here)

Over in Canada, one of my favourite spots, Sunshine Village in Banff has seen some snowfall this week as well. They've had a crazy time of late, record spring snowfall, followed by very dry, hot weather and some nasty wild fires. Now (for the time being at least) an early taste of winter. 

It's winter down south

There's a belief amongst some that a snowy southern hemisphere winter bodes well for snow in northern Europe during their upcoming winter. I'll let you decide if that's true or not, but Mt. Dobson in New Zealand has had an absolute pasting with 62cm of recent snow, and more to come this week.

Hopefully, that satisfies some of your snow cravings. For now though, I'm back to enjoy some (rare) sunshine this summer, but it'll not be too long until the winter countdown really begins.

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