Glasto 2017 Final Forecast - Looking pretty decent this year
Blog by Julian R
21st June 2017 08:06

Glasto 2017 Final Forecast - Looking pretty decent this year

Glastonbury Festival 21st – 25th June 2017

The first bit of good news is that the projected rainfall for this afternoon failed to occur, it was always a long shot, but with Glastonbury anything is possible. So ground conditions are very dry going into Glastonbury.

Daily Forecast

Wednesday 21st June - High pressure will have largely edged away by tomorrow with a Southerly wind feeding in a very warm plume of air. A mostly dry day is expected with plenty of sunshine, temps rising to around 29c in the afternoon, so a great way to start the festival. Remember to take your sun cream as the UV levels are very high this time of year.

Thursday 22nd June – A weak cold front is set to edge Eastwards across Glastonbury for Thursday morning, rainfall amounts are set to be 2-3mm. This may well wetten the ground but given the current ground conditions, but it is not likely to cause that much in the way of mud. Once the front clears early afternoon, it should turn much brighter with some sunny spells, temps rising to a pleasant 20-22c, with the ground drying very quickly into the afternoon. Winds West to North West and moderate.

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Friday 23rd June – A rather overcast day is expected with very little in the way of sunshine, there may be some patchy drizzle at times, but this shouldn’t really amount to anything. A rather uninspiring weather day compared to recently with temps into the high teens. Winds moderate from the West to South West.

Saturday and Sunday 24th and 25th June – A rather quiet weather pattern for the weekend with general light westerly winds with High Pressure to the South of the UK, and lower pressure to the north of the UK. Weather conditions are set to be a mix of sunshine and showers, with temps in the high teens, possibly early 20s nothing to write home about, but neither either to dampen the mood.



Currently good agreement of around 3-4m of rain to fall by next Sunday, most of which to fall on Thursday morning.


A glorious start to the festival, with hot sunshine of Wednesday, thereafter turning a little cooler and apart from a little rain on Thursday morning, it may stay dry for the rest of the festival.

So an 8 on the 0 = mud bath 10 = dustbowl chart.  

I hope everyone at the festival has a wonderful time, and remember to take your sun cream and your wellies just in case.

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