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The Heat Is On, How Long Will It Last?
Blog by Nick Finnis
Published on 17th June 2017 22:55

The Heat Is On, How Long Will It Last?

  • Hottest day of the year so far today, reaching 30.2C in west London
  • Hotter still on Sunday and Monday, when we could see some spots in the SE reaching 32C, perhaps locally more.
  • Much of England and Wales seeing 25-28C inland away from far north of England over  next 3 days, risk of isolated thundery downpours triggered by heat in the afternoons.
  • Fresher and cooler conditions spreading south across Scotland and N. Ireland early next week, briefly reaching the south on Wednesday.
  • Heat and humidiity returns on Thursday, with it, a risk of thunderstorms across some parts
  • Heat easing next weekend as cooler and fresher conditions spread east off the Atlantic

Today has officially been the hottest day of the year so far, with Teddington Bushy Park in west London recording 30.2C this afternoon.

100 years ago today, Reading, Greenwich  and Great Massingham recorded 33.9C, not quite as hot as this today, but we could see temperatures reach 32-33C degrees centigrade over the next few days, with temperatures likely reaching 31C on Sunday and 32C Monday across London and the Home Counties. Coupled with heat and humidity during the day, nights will be uncomfortable for some, with temperatures falling no lower than the high teens with high humidity in towns and cities.

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday look like being very warm or hot across England and Wales, with temperatures reaching 25-28C widely inland away from coasts and the far north of England and high as 31-32C across SE England.

Despite high pressure, the high temperatures, humidity and convergence inland from sea breezes against the synoptic flow could trigger some isolated thundery downpours in the afternoon – especially on Monday across central and northern England and Tuesday across eastern England.

At the same time, a weakening cold front slipping south across the far north looks to introduce cooler and fresher conditions  across Scotland and Northern Ireland, this front then slipping south across England and Wales Wednesday morning, so not quite so hot across the south mid-week as previous days and with an easterly breeze picking up across eastern England - making it fresher here, the highest temperatures look to be across SW England rather than the SE.

Fresher conditions (lower dew points/humidity) spreads down from the north briefly mid-week. Credit:

But the southern half of Britain could turn hot and humid again on Thursday, as winds turn southerly, but with pressure falling from the west and surface convergence developing, we could see some thunderstorms develop across central and eastern England in the increasingly unstable airmass. The heat perhaps hanging on across SE England and East Anglia on Friday, but cooling off and fresher from the west elsewhere.

Think it's going to be too hot here, spare a though for those in Iberia ...

Extreme heat is affecting parts of Iberia at the moment, temperatures on Friday in southern Spain (Cordoba) reaching 44.5C and Portugal (Bega) reaching on 42C. Similarly high temperatures today too, with temperatures reaching the low 40s in interior southern Spain, as high as 44C in Merida in SW Spain, 43.5C in Cordoba.

This heat spreading north across western Europe over the next few days, with temperatures across parts of western and central France reaching the mid 30s, other parts of France, Belgium, west Germany and southern England reaching the low 30s.

So a very warm or hot week ahead for much of the time across southern Britain, but it will also be largely dry again, following a dry week just past for many. So those gardens will be very thirsty!

The heat looks to linger longest across SE England and East Anglia though not as hot later in the week as early in the week, very warm conditions probably hanging on into next weekend, cooler and fresher conditions spreading in off the Atlantic elsewhere.

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