A lovely week, dry, warm and sunny

Issued: 29th September 2015 08:06
Updated: 29th September 2015 08:24

A lovely week, dry, warm and sunny

Another lovely day to come, during our fine settled week. There is some mist and fog about once more this morning, mainly for the central swathe of Britain through N.England and S.Scotland. Porthmadog in NW Wales reached 20.8C yesterday (70F), the highest temperature in the UK. Edinburgh, Cardiff and London reached 19C and Belfast 17C yesterday.

More autumn warmth to come this week

Tuesday will be another fine, dry and sunny day after a nippy start. The high is centred over Denmark today, far enough away that a weak weather front will sway over the Scottish Isles later on, bringing a lot of cloud and some patchy rain to Shetland. Here there will be a brisk SW wind. For much of the UK there will only be light winds but again southern England will have a blustery East wind.

Once more temperatures will rise into the high teens with the Moray Firth looking very warm at 20C. Belfast today 17C with a light SE wind. Edinburgh 18C, calm in the sunshine, Manchester bright at 19C, Cardiff 19C with a moderate E wind and London 19C with a brisk east wind and a bit more cloud. So feeling warm by day, especially in the sunshine and light winds over N.Britain. Some of the fog over eastern England could be a bit stubborn today and so it stays cooler until this clears.

Any rain confined to the far north of Scotland, windy in the south of the UK

Midweek, the front in the far north is still there bringing more cloud to the Northern Isles but it will have weakened. The High begins to extend over the UK more, so very light winds for N.Ireland and Scotland but still the brisk East wind for southern Britain. So the pattern repeats, a chilly night with fog, then a fine, bright day with warm sunshine.

High pressure blocking the progress of any fronts

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The high settles over the UK, blocking any changes to our weather. Cloud will come and go, there could be a  feed of low cloud drawn in off the North Sea later in the week, so that will be disappointing for eastern England. Otherwise the warm bright weather looks set to stay even into next weekend.

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