Goodbye Summer And Errm, Hello Summer!

Issued: 31st August 2014 10:27
Updated: 31st August 2014 10:28

Goodbye Summer And Errm, Hello Summer!

It's the final day of meteorological summer, we have an ex-hurricane (Cristobal) not too far away out in the Atlantic and you'd be forgiven for thinking the worst after what has been a wet August, but there's no need. Yes, there'll be some rain and strengthening winds arriving into Northern Ireland and Western Scotland during the day today, and some outbreaks of rain will head southeast overnight and into Monday, the over-riding picture is a settled, warm one with high pressure in charge as we move through the upcoming week. 

Ex-Hurricane Cristobal moves into Iceland, throwing a weather front southeast into the northwest later today
Ex-hurricane Cristobal

Away from the far northwest which will see cloud increasing through the day and rain arriving later in the afternoon, today brings a taste of what's to come with broken cloud, sunny spells and temperatures pushing into the low-twenties or high-teens countrywide. Winds will be strengthening in the west and especially northwest through the day knocking the edge off of the warmth, then that rain arrives and makes steady progress southeast, across Ireland and clearing Scotland by dawn.

Tomorrow will be a pretty dull one across England and Wales with some drizzly, patchy rain moving through, it will be brighter in Scotland and Northern Ireland though and that brightness will gradually spread it's way south, but southern England is unlikely to benefit from it. Despite this though, it'll still be a fairly warm day with temperatures similar to the values we've seen today. 

Into Tuesday and in fact beyond right through much of the week, high pressure will be in control. There will be a fair bit of cloud in the mix so don't expect wall-to-wall sunshine, but there should be some decent bright or sunny spells coming through and as they do they'll drive temperatures up into the the high-teens in Scotland and Northern Ireland and the low-twenties across England and Wales during the first part of the week, perhaps heading toward the mid-twenties in southern and central parts from midweek. By night, where skies clear temperatures will dip away into single figures, and watch too for some mist and fog patches developing.

As we move into the latter part of the week, there is the threat of some showery rain affecting the northern half of Scotland and also potentially the south of England, but this is some way off and not certain. 

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