16th February 2014 09:56

The Rumours Are True - The Sun Does Still Exist!

Sunshine at last
I was starting to think that sunny days were just a figment of my imagination, but at long last many parts of the UK have woken up to sunny skies this morning, and they should continue for much of the day too. With the clearer skies, there has been a fairly widespread frost, so watch out for any icy patches which may have developed on the roads and pavements. 

There are also one or two wintry showers about, these mostly in northern and western Scotland but just the odd one popping up in northern England. Through the day EIRE and Northern Ireland will see more showers popping up, and these will spread east into western Britain by the end of the day ahead of the a spell of rain which will move in overnight and into Monday. 

After a cold, frosty start to the night, temperatures will rise from the southwest, leaving just central and eastern parts from the midlands north with a risk of frost by dawn. By 8am, many parts will be seeing showery outbreaks of rain - heaviest in the south and west and falling as sleet and snow over the hills of northern England and even to lower levels in parts of Scotland for a time. The rain will take some time to clear east through the day, and the southeast corner may well get away with staying mostly dry until after dark. Winds will be blustery through the day as well, but nowhere near as strong as we've been seeing of late.

Tuesday will see that showery rain taking it's time to clear the southeast and East Anglia, more persistent rain will also affect Scotland - especially central and northern regions, but elsewhere it's a day of sunny spells and scattered showers with a good many parts staying dry. Temperatures will hit double figures in the south, 5-8c typically elsewhere. 

Although Wednesday will start dry with scattered showers chiefly affecting Scotland and northern England, the next Atlantic system will be moving up from the southwest through the day bringing with it another spell of rain and blustery winds, that will eventually east during Thursday with showers following in behind from the west, which could fall as sleet and snow even at lower levels for a time as colder air is added to the mix.

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