New Week, New Month, Same Old Weather

3rd February 2014 09:37

New Week, New Month, Same Old Weather

It'll probably come as no surprise that the relentless onslaught of Atlantic low pressure systems will continue through this week, the coming weekend and very likely beyond too. This means more wind and rain at times, but there will be some dry and bright spells in between these weather systems too, giving a welcome, albeit brief, respite from the wind and rain. 

One of these drier spells will continue across many central and eastern areas today. Though there will be alot of cloud across these areas with the southeasterly wind strengthening, we will see some bright or sunny spells develop through the morning, these most likely across SE England and eastern Scotland. It's a more unsettled picture across the west today, as a cold front slowly edges in from the west bringing a band of rain and strong winds. The band of rain, across Cornwall, Pembrokeshire and Northern Ireland currently, will continue to slowly edge eastward across SW England, Wales and western Scotland. The rain band will be accompanied by gale or severe gale force southerly or southeasterly winds, gusting to 50-60mph over western coasts and hills, perhaps as high as 70mph across the Western Isles. Temperatures reaching 9C in London; 8C in Plymouth, Manchester and Belfast, 7C in Newcastle and Glasgow.

The band of rain and gales across the west will move northeast across all areas overnight, the rain turning to snow across the northern Pennines and hills of Scotland, bringing significant snow accumulations across the Scottish mountains - where there have been numerous reports of avalanches over the last few days. Turning clearer, colder and mostly dry with winds easing following the rain, with a risk of icy patches across the north as temperatures fall close to freezing. Though showers will arrive around southern and western coasts before dawn.

Then on Tuesday, the last of the overnight rain and hill snow will clear Scotland and the far north of England during the morning followed by drier and brighter conditions during the afternoon, though some heavy and perhaps thundery showers arriving across western Scotland. Otherwise much of England and Wales will have a mostly dry and bright day away from southern and western areas - where we will likely see scattered and locally heavy showers. Temperatures reaching 8-9C across southern areas, 6-7C across northern areas.

Trouble is brewing to the southwest later on Tuesday though, as deep area of low pressure approaches SW Ireland Tuesday night, which will push through a spell of heavy rain accompanied by gales or severe gales across England and Wales overnight and Scotland during Wednesday morning, bringing further snow and blizzard conditions across the mountains here. Following on behind the rain on Wednesday will be bands of frequent showers, which will be heavy and thundery in places, driven on by a strong and gusty southwesterly wind, so all-in-all not a nice day to be out and about. 

Then a respite between Atlantic weather systems come Thursday, with many areas having a calmer, drier and sunnier day away from western coasts - where further showers are likely and we may see a spell of more persistent rain move up across southern England later in the day, but uncertainties over this for now. Friday, for now, is looking mostly dry and bright during daylight hours, once possible early rain across SE England and East Anglia clears. But another deep Atlantic low is indicated to arrive across Ireland Friday night, sweeping more wind and rain across many areas overnight and into Saturday morning, Then a blustery weekend likely, with further showers, longer spells of rain and gales across many parts.


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