A wintry whisper midweek

29th January 2014 08:11

A wintry whisper midweek

Today there are more heavy showers about, but these ease later before we reach cold Thursday. With daytime temperatures of only 3 or 4C there will be some wintry showers for eastern Britain before heavy rain and strong winds whistle in from the Atlantic (preceded by northern snow) for Friday. Ice will be a problem tonight and Thursday night.

There are flood warnings over Wales and much of England with particular concerns for Hampshire and Somerset. Also Aberdeenshire and Tayside, where there has been snow but also a lot of rain this week over NE Scotland. Scotland will see more heavy showers today, over eastern areas this morning. These swing westwards by lunchtime but easing off and becoming more scattered. So more change of drier brighter spells this afternoon. Temperatures today will reach 6 or 7C but with a freshening easterly wind it will feel colder. N.Ireland starts the day with sharp showers for the far north. This line clears and there will be some brighter drier weather until further showers push into Co. Down and Co.Antrim. Generally becoming more settled with alight easterly breeze. Temperatures up to 7C. Wales has heavy showers this morning and bands continue to swing in from the east, so short brighter spells before the cloud gather and the rain returns. There will be a fresh easterly wind in the north, lighter further south with temperatures of 6 or 7C. Southeast England starts the day with a large clump of rain showing on the radar. This seeps westwards very slowly during the day so the southeast corner of Britain could see around 20mm of rain today. Northern England begins to see fewer showers by lunchtime (although some wintry ones continue over the Pennines) and eastern England also becomes drier in the afternoon. For central and SW England the hefty showers continue with light winds for southern counties and a freshening easterly further north.

By this evening the cold eastern air from Scandinavia is beginning to arrive. Any showers could be wintry, sleety for central southern Britain. Snow mix for Welsh mountains, Pennines, southern Uplands and inland Scotland. Mostly the showers ease off, although damp weather and cloud will sit over southeast England through the night and turn sleety with height.

Thursday sees a lot of dry, cloudy weather over Britain, with patchy rain setting in over N.Ireland from the Atlantic during the day. Eastern counties of N.Ireland should stay dry during daylight hours with a SE wind and 5C. Thursday is the cold day with temperatures of 3 or 4 C, up to 6 C for southern counties of England. Northern Britain will have a moderate SE wind which will add to the cold feel. So what about this snow? Snow showers are showing up for parts of Wales first thing, then they disappear, some for the Midlands, higher parts of Northern England inland, and a scattering feeding into NE Scotland and Northumberland. The damp weather in the SE as it swirls against the cold air over the Midlands, Lincs. area could bring some flurries. The picture is all a bit hit and miss for Thursday if you are after seeing some white stuff and it will be short lived. Through the evening the damp weather moves into N.Midlands and E.England and there is the chance of light wet snow here for a time, into NE England and then snow for the Pennines overnight.  All the time Grampian seeing snow showers. A cold night with frost and ice.

By the start of Friday, the snow risk is only really for Scotland.  For the start of Friday there will be heavy rain moving over N.Ireland with strengthening southerly winds and gales. There will be a sleety mix for N.Ireland, N .Wales, NW England with snow for a time over Scotland. This is as the rain meets the cold air, so even Glasgow could see some wet snow for a time on Friday morning. The snow/sleet mix continues over the rest of Scotland into the afternoon, with plenty of snow likely for the mountains. For the rest of Britain, after a fine start, it will be more unwelcome heavy rain moving eastwards.
Actually Friday night rush hour will be quite miserable with strong S winds and heavy rain and sleety bits, conditions on the roads will be difficult. As that clears there could be some stormy weather for southern Britain on Saturday as another low pressure moves in, bringing westerly gales (or severe gales for exposed coasts) through the Channel and Celtic Sea. For most on Saturday it will be blustery showers.

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