A foggy morning, a chilly week

21st January 2014 09:21

A foggy morning, a chilly week

There is a lot of fog about this morning, for inland Wales and much of England. This is thick, freezing fog for inland England and East Anglia. For most of Britain it is a nippy start with frost, the risk of ice although western areas are milder as is N.Ireland. This is due a front pushing in from the Atlantic, bringing cloud and rain. This rain band will continue to affect Co. Antrim and Co. Down, W.Wales, Cornwall, Devon and western Scotland this morning, with some heavier pulses mixed in. Even by mid-afternoon it will only have staggered over the rest of Wales, Somerset, NW England and more central parts of Scotland, including Tayside. N.Ireland will reach 9C but stay cloudy with a fresh southerly wind. Wales has a wet end to the day with a fresh to strong Southerly wind and up to 8C. For Scotland, some eastern and northern parts will stay dry with only brief brighter spells. The winds will pick up during the day to a fresh SE’ly with gales in the far north. Temperatures of 4 or 5C. The fog over England formed under clear skies, so as the winds pick up slowly today there will be some stirring. Mostly this fog will lift into low cloud, giving a grey picture for most, but there will be some glimpses of the sunshine, especially towards the southeast coast, 8C. Further north a cold, grey day at only 5C.

Tonight the cloud and rain move across Britain. N.Ireland, Scotland and northern England all fall away to near freezing, so again frost and ice with fog patches.

Wednesday starts off wet for eastern counties of England and eastern Scotland, as the frontal rain clears off into the North Sea. The Northern Isle keep a strong SE’ly and breezy along the east coast of Britain. For western parts, there will be a line of hefty showers. These march in for N.Ireland, Wales, SW England and W.Scotland with hail, Scottish hill snow, thunder mixed in. The winds become a fresh Westerly over N.Ireland and SW Britain as milder air flows in lifting the temperatures to 9 or 10C. It will stay colder further north at 5C.

Overnight, the fresh breeze continues for N.Ireland and western and southern coast of Britain. There will be light winds for the rest of the UK and temperatures will fall to Zero.

Thursday will become more windy everywhere. A west to NW wind will add to the colder feel, as air pushes down from Iceland, so colder Arctic air but not the drier European cold air. Much of the UK will only reach 5C, 7C in the SE and temporaries will fall quickly in the evening.
Much of Scotland, central and eastern England will fall down below zero, the coldest night this week and so a cold start for Friday as the winds begin to pick up from the SE. It looks like there could be some heavy rain across the UK on Friday with another deep low pressure later during the weekend bringing more stormy conditions, so very unsettled.

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