Wet and Windy Weekend

Issued: 14th January 2011 09:10

Wet and Windy Weekend

Theres no respite in store this weekend from the wind and rain unfortunately, with persistent and at times heavy rain on Saturday with gales in the west and more rain or showers across much of the UK on Sunday. However, it will begin to dry up early next week as colder and calmer conditions spread across the UK by Tuesday, as a ridge of high pressure builds in from the SW, and this high pressure could hang around through much of the week, which will bring calmer and drier weather in stark contrast to this past week! On to today, its another breezy, mild, cloudy and damp picture to start for many areas. Rain will slowly clear southern areas from all but the far SE corner, followed by drier and brighter conditions for southern and eastern areas, for northern and western areas there will be a mixture of showers and some sunny intervals, showers will be heaviest across Northern Ireland and Scotland. Temperatures ranging from 10 °C in the north to 12 °C in the south, a brisk southwesterly wind everywhere. Tonight, a mild night, showers will die out in the west as cloud thickens and more general rain spreads east across many areas by dawn, accompanied by a strengthening southwesterly wind. For Saturday, a wet and windy day in store, rain will be heaviest and most persistent across western and northern areas where there could be significant totals over windward slopes of higher ground, while the far south may become dry after drizzle or light rain in the morning. Also there will be a strong southwesterly wind, touching gale force in the north and west. Rather mild, despite the wind with a maximum of 13 °C. Sunday will be mild wet and windy across England and Wales, with brighter but showery conditions for Scotland and Northern Ireland. Brighter and cooler conditions spreading SE on Monday after rain clears SE, showers in the NW. Drier Tuesday onwards as high pressure builds, with a return of overnight frosts.

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