Winter Starts Here!

Issued: 21st November 2010 19:55

Winter Starts Here!

It's turned a little chillier this weekend as winds have swung to the east but that's nothing compared with what's on the way during the upcoming week. The winds will stay in the east or northeast and will be pulling in increasingly cold air right across the UK; sub zero windchill values by day, hard frosts by night, and yes - an increasing risk of snow. The colder air will edge ever closer to Scotland during tomorrow but in general it's likely to be a very similar day to today with a good deal of cloud about, temperatures struggling but not especially cold and showers (falling as sleet and snow over the hills) moving a little way inland from the east. It's into Tuesday when the colder air really digs in - initially over Scotland so the showers here will tend to turn increasingly wintry even at lower levels. Elsewhere the change will be more subtle with more in the way of sunshine on offer and the showers becoming increasingly confined to coastal parts. With the clearer skies and colder air though - expect widespread frost overnight - and these will continue throughout the remainder of the week. Into the mid week period Winter really gathers pace with showers readily turning to sleet and snow even in the south with some significant falls possible further north by this point - especially in north and east Scotland. Despite the majority of the showers likely to be confined to coastal regions there is always the threat of them organising themselves and moving further inland at times. This could well become ever more true as we move toward the end of the week and into next weekend as the cold spell may really tighten it's grip at this point. Christmas forecast Tune in tomorrow for the first installment of the Christmas forecast for 2010.

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