Issued: 8th October 2010 09:42

Summer's Last Hurrah?

It's a cloudy, murky start for many parts of the country this morning, but despite this there is already a mild feel as warm, continental air has pushed up from the south overnight. As the day moves on that cloud will start to break up though, so by afternoon there should be some decent sunny spells beginning to get going. Temperatures will tend to respond pushing up into the low twenties across the southern half of the country, with many regions seeing highs of 17-20°c - the warmest places those that are sheltered from the southeast breeze. A good bet for the warmest spot of the day could be Bristol with the high sneaking up to 22°c. The weekend will start on a similar note, with often sunny skies and warm temperatures again on Saturday, winds will be switching from the southeast to east though so this is likely to start to knock the edge off of the temperatures in the east. Again though high's up into the low twenties are likely. By Sunday it's a touch cooler with those easterly winds moving the mildest air away - it's still warm for the time of year though with maybe one of two spots hitting 20°c in the south, elsewhere (away from the cooler east coast) it's the mid-high teens. High pressure will stay in charge into next week but those easterly winds will keep going too, so some low cloud and drizzle is likely at times in eastern areas with the best of the sunshine further west. It'll continue to turn cooler too with temperatures returning to average or even below average for the time of the year.

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