Eastern Chill Meets Western Warmth: UK Weather Divergence Continues Under High Pressure

The UK continues to experience contrasting weather under high pressure: warm sunshine in the West with temperatures over 25C, while Eastern regions face cloud cover and lower temperatures.

Issued: 31st May 2023 11:40
Updated: 31st May 2023 12:49

The High pressure is still with us but it is providing very different weather types depending on your location in the UK. The week continues with the settled theme but the ebb and flow of pesky cloud cover. Western parts saw blue skies, warm sunshine and temperatures in the mid-twenties on Tuesday. Porthmadog in Wales reached 25.1C so finally the UK temperatures passed the 25C mark, this is unusually late for spring. Northern Ireland reached 24.5C without a cloud in the sky and Glasgow the same, with Tyndrum in the Highlands creeping a shade higher at 24.6C.

Haar seafret cloud off North Sea

It was a different story for a good part of eastern England and the Home Counties with lingering cloud and grey skies. With more of a breeze off the cool North Sea there wasn’t the fine spring weather that other parts were experiencing. Coventry and Stowe only reached 14C. east coast Britain struggled at 13C at Flyingdales, Cromer and Inverbervie.

For anyone sitting on a beach this morning, say at Skegness or Great Yarmouth it will even feel damp. There was drizzle reported for Lincolnshire from the thicker cloud so these bits are likely to keep the cloud again today. Well inland and further west the cloud will thin and erode allowing the sunshine to reappear.

UK weather under high pressure

The high pressure stays in a similar position even into the weekend. Still with light winds for Scotland but a cooling breeze for East Anglia, SE England and through the English Channel. The Channel Islands keep a fresh north-easterly wind with Jersey staying around 18C for the rest of the week. It has been dry here too but windy and on Tuesday 30th May Jersey Met. announced:

“Jersey entered a period of meteorological absolute drought: 15 days without measurable rain, reflecting the recent spell of high pressure. Dry weather is expected to continue until at least 4 June. It is the 131st period of drought since records began in 1894.”

The island does have a desalination plant but they are expensive to run, so any rain will be welcome. The monthly local water situation reports for England will be published next week. They include information on rainfall, soil moisture deficit, river flows, groundwater levels and reservoir levels.

A large wildfire in Highland Scotland stood out on satellite imagery yesterday. The clear skies and sunshine were marked by a pale whisp of smoke. The winds near the centre of the high pressure are still light but conditions are dry and difficult. 

So really over the next few days, it is more of the same. How your day looks and feels depends on the reach of the North Sea cloud blanket and the breeze.  Western Scotland should see 25C today, SW Britain tomorrow.  The dig of cooler air does take hold later this week, down through the North Sea.

Scarborough sticks at 13C, Margate 14C whereas Aberystwyth could see 24C on Wednesday and Blackpool 21C. Northern Ireland has been doing well in this setup and will see more sunshine and temperatures continuing to reach into the low twenties Celsius. 

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