Plenty of fine autumn weather this weekend before the Atlantic rain returns

After a cool, showery end to Friday, Saturday looks fine. Sunday should stay dry for many although a brisk southerly wind will pick up as rain arrives from the west later.

Plenty of fine autumn weather this weekend before the Atlantic rain returns

Issued: 5th October 2022 15:20

Friday ends with a cool, showery northwesterly flow. This gives way to a brief area of high pressure to start the weekend. High pressure builds over southern Britain and will bring fine, settled conditions but cooler nights. It doesn’t last as that high soon slips over central Europe and an Atlantic low shoves its way in from the west. Temperatures remain in the mid-teens for most.

Friday evening

South-eastern Britain could still be in the mild air as many people leave work on Friday evening but it will feel colder and damp for those staying out until late.  It’s getting dark earlier now and the air behind the main frontal band on Friday will be coming down from Iceland. Add to that cool air, the showery outbreaks and blustery winds, you will need a coat.

On Friday night temperatures will widely fall down into single figures inland as the westerly winds fall light. Very light winds for southern England where there could be some mist and fog early on Saturday.

Saturday weekend UK weather


For much of the UK it will be a fine but nippy start on Saturday. There will be a good deal of sunshine about, light winds and a fine morning. Through the day the westerly wind will freshen over Northern Ireland, Scotland and the far north of England. There will be more cloud from the northwest with patchy rain for western Scotland, Cumbria and Lancashire and more showery outbreaks for the Northern Isles. None of this will be too heavy but still a rather grey, damp picture for western parts in the onshore flow. Further east to the lee of high ground there should be breaks appearing in the cloud and some sunny spells for northeast Britain

For the southern half of the UK, the winds will be lighter especially so for the Channel Islands and SW England. The onshore flow for western Wales could bring more cloud, even light patchy rain at times on Saturday but overall, it looks like a fair day. Most of England will be dry and bright with temperatures around 14 to 18C. Glasgow and Belfast will be 14C. Birmingham and Cardiff up to 16C and London 18C.

Overnight the showers fade in the far north and it will be quiet with clear spells for most. The winds begin to back as the high edges away over mainland Europe. The winds will be very light over much of England and with another cool night, again there could be mist and fog in places.


After a settled start, the southerly winds will pick up for Northern Ireland, Scotland and the rest of Western Britain. This more southerly flow should allow temperatures to rise through southern Britain into the high teens. There will be a balance between the early fine weather and warmer flow but increasing cloud from the Atlantic and frontal rain from the northwest to end the weekend. It could be that much of Britain gets away with a fine Sunday and the rain arrives well into the evening.

Different model solutions for Sunday afternoon with rain from the west, brisk southerly winds but fine weather ahead

Northern Ireland should see a dry morning for most counties but with increasing cloud and then the rain edging in from the west through the afternoon and evening. The UKV seems faster with the rain than the other models. Eastern Scotland will also have a fine day but further west there will be more cloud and strengthening southerly winds. There is some uncertainty around the timing of the frontal band moving over western Scotland but there could be a spell of southerly gales with high gusts. These would affect the Western and Northern Isles as the band of heavier rain moves through later on Sunday. Just something to keep an eye on if you have travel plans. 

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