Colder by Monday as a cold front moves south over the next 24 hours

A cold front is on the move down from the north, bringing outbreaks of rain over the next 24 hours and introducing colder air across the UK.

Colder by Monday as a cold front moves south over the next 24 hours

Issued: 25th September 2022 10:10

While much of England and Wales have a reasonable day after a chilly start with a grass frost in some rural parts of Wales and the North first thing, the immediate outlook is for chilly, blustery weather. There'll also be showers, especially in the North, West and towards exposed coasts behind a cold front. As its name suggests, it will introduce noticeably colder air of Arctic origin later today and overnight.

Apart from a few showers, much of Scotland is beginning dry. But through the morning, Highland and the Northern Isles will be turning wet in a freshening South Westerly wind. Bursts of rain and freshening winds then spread to all but probably Fife, Lothian and The Borders before the day is out, followed by much colder weather and a scattering of blustery showers to the North of The Great Glen by early evening. Top temperatures here just 10 or 11C but further South, 14 or 15C is more likely.

A cold front starting to move down through Scotland on Sunday

Across England and Wales, cloud amounts will vary, but there'll be sunny spells, especially in the South. There'll be the odd shower mainly along the Norfolk and Suffolk coasts at first, but most places stay dry in a Westerly breeze. Across Northern Ireland and the far North of England, the wind will tend to freshen and cloud increase through the afternoon, but here too, it'll stay mainly dry. Top temperatures of 16 to 18C across England and Wales will be close to the late September normal.

After dark, the cold front bringing a narrow band of rain works its way into England and Wales but weakens as it comes. By the time it reaches the South, the rain will have become showery in nature, with amounts here probably relatively small.

The cold front continuing south overnight

By morning much of the country will be into a colder regime, with a fresh West to North Westerly wind bringing blustery showers, especially to Scotland and Northern Ireland. Clear intervals allow a touch of frost to form in some sheltered rural northern valleys and glens towards dawn when temperatures should be mainly in the range of 4 to 9C.

As we enter the new working week, England and Wales, in particular, will notice the chill, with a blustery North West wind bringing a much colder day. There'll be sunny spells, especially in the South and where you have shelter but also showers. These'll be most frequent across Northern Ireland, Scotland and in the West, where some will be heavy, giving hail and gusts of wind to gale force. A few sharp ones may also develop over England and Wales by the afternoon, although not everywhere will catch one.

All parts will be into colder air with sunshine and showers on Monday

Temperatures no higher than a rather cold 8 to 12C over Scotland and Northern Ireland and 12 to 15C locally 16C further South where you have shelter.

After dark, there'll be further showers that'll turn wintry over the higher hills of North Scotland. Northern Ireland and coastal areas exposed to a still quite blustery North West wind continue to be prone to them, with a few showers coming through the 'Cheshire Gap' to affect parts of the West Midlands and maybe the Home Counties. But there'll also be clear spells allowing it to turn cold enough for a touch of frost in sheltered rural areas mainly from the Midlands northward, with lowest temperatures mostly between about 1 and 6C.

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