Summer weekend events see extreme heat and sunshine

Plenty of dry weather and sunshine this weekend for those off to outdoor events but this heat is extreme and it will be very warm for those camping.

Summer weekend events see extreme heat and sunshine

Issued: 10th August 2022 17:07
Updated: 10th August 2022 17:11

The UK heatwave conditions continue this weekend with the Extreme Heat warning for southern Britain ongoing. Temperatures will still be up into the 30s Celsius with 35 or 36C likely on Friday and Saturday.

It is the duration of this heat that is causing concerns. Very hot by day and uncomfortably warm at night with little opportunity for people or buildings to cool overnight.  

NHS "The main risks posed by a heatwave are: not drinking enough water (dehydration) 
overheating, which can make symptoms worse for people who already have problems with their heart or breathing
heat exhaustion and heatstroke."

UK weather heatwave

It will be hot and sunny for the Premier football matches on Saturday 13th but also travel issues are likely with another train strike and the intense heat.

The Edinburgh Fringe festival has been seeing heat and fine sunshine this week with temperatures in the mid-20s Celsius and a westerly wind. There will be a change in the wind direction on Friday and with a fresher northeast breeze, the temperatures will come down. Saturday and Sunday should see a peak of 18 to 20C with a more cloud about but still sunny spells and dry weather. For those off to the Edinburgh Tattoo in the evening it will still be fine with temperatures of 17C.

Bloodstock heavy metal four-day festival looks to be hot and sunny. Held at Catton Park in Derbyshire this week temperatures will be into the low 30s Celsius each day. After glaring sunshine this week there will be increasing cloud at the weekend but it looks dry and will feel more humid. Warm well into the evening but perhaps feeling uncomfortably warm by night for those camping.

Deva Fest is Cheshire’s great value family friendly three-day extravaganza of music, parades, shows and fabulous food and drink. It is looking hot this weekend for Chester Lakes as the breeze turns around to the southeast. With hot air moving over dry, very warm land temperatures in Chester look to move into the low 30sC. It will feel sultry and warm in the evening watching outside but very hot by day and perhaps uncomfortable for those camping.

European temperatures

Various sports combine for the European Championships Munich 2022. It looks very warm and sunny but not as hot as here in the UK. 25C on Saturday but getting a bit warmer Sunday into Monday. 35C in Paris this weekend as Meteo France continue their heatwave warnings for western and northern Paris.

On Saturday, Barcelona will reach 35C and feel even hotter. There have been heat warnings in parts of Spain too and wildfires across the Iberian Peninsula and mainland France.

Care will be needed everywhere in this hot dry weather. Fire teams and local councils, nature organisations are all asking the public to think in these tinder-dry conditions. And pay attention to local safety restrictions.

There looks to be little change in the weather over the next few days with more cloud by Sunday and the risk of a few showers or elevated thunderstorms by Sunday evening, but the main shift is early next week. If you are out this weekend, slap on the sunscreen and reapply, take a hat, drink plenty of water and try to seek shade in the middle of the day. Take it easy, this heat is extreme. 

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