Heat back on the agenda next week with high pressure taking hold

Issued: 6th August 2022 12:48

Heat back on the agenda next week with high pressure taking hold

With high pressure moving across the British Isles, much of the country will be dry and sunny this weekend. However, much of Scotland and parts of northern England will be cloudier, with some rain at times especially affecting the west of Scotland. During next week, the trend will be for the cloudier weather with rain to be increasingly confined to the far north-west of Scotland, with other regions maintaining dry sunny weather. It will be hot throughout the week in the south-east, and as the week progresses, this heat will intensify and spread more widely, possibly with temperatures into the mid-30s Celsius in the south by the end of next week.


It will be a generally cloudy day over most of Scotland and Northern Ireland and parts of northern England, and rain will continue to affect the northern half of Scotland at times, particularly in the far north-west of Scotland. For the majority of Wales, the Midlands and south of England, and also sheltered north-eastern coastal parts of England, it will be a dry and sunny day. Temperatures will reach 23 to 25C widely in the Midlands and southern England, but it will be much cooler in the cloudy north-west of Scotland, with temperatures getting no higher than around 15C. In Northern Ireland and coastal parts of eastern Scotland, highs of around 18C are expected, with around 20C near the coast of north-east England.

Overnight temperatures will be unremarkable tonight, generally falling to between 10 and 13C, though nearer 15C in London's urban heat island. The north-south split in our weather will continue, although skies will tend to clear in Northern Ireland and northern England, with the cloudier weather becoming confined to Scotland.


Many areas away from south Wales and southern England will start off quite cloudy tomorrow, with some cloud having moved in from the west around dawn. It will brighten up during the day except in Scotland and the far north of England. Even in the cloudier north, occasional sunny breaks are expected to come through, especially to the east of high ground. There will, however, be light rain and drizzle for much of the day in western Scotland. Temperatures will generally be 2 or 3C above today's values, peaking at 27 or 28C in parts of the south-east, but it will stay on the cool side in Northern Ireland, north-west England and Scotland (except near the east coast of Scotland, where highs of 20 to 22C are likely).

Sunday night will be warmer over the eastern half of England with temperatures getting no lower than 13 to 15C, but most other parts of the UK will again see minimum temperatures between 10 and 13C.

Next week

It will be a cloudy week in north-west Scotland, with some light rain and drizzle at times. Other parts of Scotland, together with Northern Ireland and north-west England, may be fairly cloudy on Monday and Tuesday, but from Wednesday onwards the dry sunny weather looks set to take hold in these regions too. It will be very warm or hot in east Wales, the Midlands and south of England, and to a lesser extent also in north-east England. In these regions, at the beginning of next week, maximum temperatures will generally range from 23C in north-east England to around 29C in the south-east. By the end of the week, inland parts of north-east England may be approaching 30C, and parts of the south of England may hit 35C.

Most parts of England and Wales will see no rain at all during the coming week, exacerbating problems with water shortages and risk of fires breaking out due to the dry ground. Night time temperatures will remain relatively low with clear skies and light winds, except in urban centres, particularly in London, where they will be hot and uncomfortable for many.

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