Week Ahead: Changeable with low pressure never too far away

Issued: 26th June 2022 10:44

Week Ahead: Changeable with low pressure never too far away

This week will be changeable with low pressure close to the west and north-west of Britain. With winds mostly blowing from a south to south-westerly direction, temperatures will often be close to or rather above average for the time of year in the east and especially north-east. Cooler than average daytime temperatures can be expected at times in the west and especially the south-west.


Today will be a mostly cloudy and wet day over Northern Ireland, the western half of Scotland, north-west England and north and west Wales. The rain will tend to turn more showery as the day goes on, with some sunny intervals developing in between. Some of the showers may turn thundery over Northern Ireland. North-east Scotland will be dry and sunny for most of the day, with cloud increasing during the afternoon and evening. For most of England and east Wales, it will be a generally dry day with some sunny intervals, but there will be showers at times over the West Country and isolated showers will break out elsewhere.

It will be quite a warm day in East Anglia with highs of around 23 or 24C in places, and most other central and eastern parts of England will reach 20 to 22C. In the cloudier, wetter weather over western Scotland and Northern Ireland, many places will climb no higher than 16C.

Tonight will be dry in the east of England and Scotland, but cloudier with showers and longer spells of rain further west. Temperatures will fall to between 9 and 12C in most parts of the country.


Cloudy weather and showery rain will spread eastwards through the country, turning more showery as it heads eastwards. There is a chance of this turning thundery in eastern England, especially East Anglia and Lincolnshire. Following behind, there will be a spell of mainly dry sunny weather spreading from the west, but it will cloud over again in Northern Ireland during the afternoon. By evening, Northern Ireland will be cloudy with some rain spreading from the west, but the rest of the country will become dry and sunny. Temperatures will generally be down on the previous days in eastern and central England, but will still reach 22 or 23C in parts of East Anglia and the south-east. The west of Scotland will again be coolest with highs of just 15 or 16C in many places.

Rest of the week

On Tuesday it will become windy, and it will be cloudy in Scotland, Wales and western England with some outbreaks of rain. Much of eastern England, especially East Anglia, will be dry, sunny and quite warm thanks to the generally southerly winds, with widespread highs of 22 to 24C. Northern Ireland will have a day of sunshine and showers.

The area of cloud and rain will continue to spread slowly eastwards through Tuesday night and Wednesday, probably persisting over eastern England for much of Wednesday, although rainfall amounts from this in eastern England will generally be small. Elsewhere there will be a mix of sunshine and showers. Some of the showers may be thundery, especially in the Midlands and the north of England.

With a slackening area of low pressure moving slowly northwards, Thursday and Friday look set to be days of sunshine and showers for most of the country, perhaps with not so many showers in the south on Friday as high pressure starts to ridge up from the south. Western Scotland and Northern Ireland could be affected by some longer spells of rain at times.

Temperatures from Wednesday to Friday will mostly be around normal for the time of year, reaching 21 to 23C in central and eastern parts of England, cooler further north and west.

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