As the UK says goodbye to the heat France is sweltering with temperatures well into the forties celsius

A cooler day for much of the UK today but the heatwave continues in parts of Europe, with parts of southwest France likely to see highs of around 45c on Saturday.

Issued: 18th June 2022 10:57

After some unusual, though not quite record-breaking, heat in parts of the UK yesterday, temperatures over the coming week are set to be much closer to the seasonal average. With a ridge of high pressure often covering the British Isles, there will be a fair amount of dry sunny weather during this coming week for much of the country.

It is a very different story for France and Spain. In France in particular, the heatwave will peak today in many places with temperatures widely exceeding 40C, and it will remain unusually hot for another few days.

European heatwave continues with France seeing temperatures potentially exceeding 45c today


Today's weather in the UK will see considerable regional variation. The far south-east of England will be hot (though not as hot as yesterday), reaching 27 or 28C in places, and sunny to begin with, although it will tend to cloud cover with showers developing. For much of Wales, Cornwall and the Midlands, it will be cloudy with some outbreaks of rain, and during the evening this rain will spread eastwards through most of East Anglia and the south of England. An area of mostly dry sunny weather will spread slowly southwards through southern Scotland and into northern England. Following behind, cloudier weather with some showers will spread southwards through Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Away from the far south-east it will be a much cooler day. Particularly in the Midlands, where some places reached 31C yesterday, the temperature contrast will be dramatic, with some places not getting above 13 or 14C. The coolest temperatures will be in north-west Scotland and parts of Wales, where it may get no warmer than around 12C. In the slot of dry sunny weather, north-east England will see highs of 18 to 20C.

Tonight will generally be on the cool side with minimum temperatures dropping to between 8 and 10C in most regions, except for the south-east, but even in the south-east, minimum temperatures of 11 or 12C will be widespread.

Tomorrow and beyond

Sunday will be a cloudy day for the south of England and south Wales, where there will be some further outbreaks of rain, and also in northern Scotland, where there will be further showers. Elsewhere it will be mostly dry with some sunny spells, and temperatures will reach around 21C in parts of northern England and the Midlands. Dry sunny weather will be widespread on Monday and again on Wednesday, with only the north of Scotland staying generally cloudy, but on Tuesday there is potential for cloud and occasional rain to spread to most parts of Scotland and also northern England, and cloud and some rain may head into the far south.

European heatwave

Although Britain's hot weather yesterday turned out to be brief and did not seriously challenge the June 1976 temperature record of 35.6C, France's heatwave is proving more prolonged and is posing a more serious threat to regional and national temperature records. Temperatures are forecast to widely exceed 40C today, with potential for temperatures as high as 43 to 45C in parts of south-western France. Tonight also looks set to be exceptionally warm, especially in the north-east of France where urban areas may see minimum temperatures close to 25C. Although Monday to Wednesday will not be quite as hot, temperatures will still be widely in the mid to high 30s Celsius. France is currently forecast to cool down to nearer normal temperatures through Thursday and Friday.

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