Blustery winds and cool nights

Issued: 25th May 2022 09:47
Updated: 25th May 2022 09:50

Blustery winds and cool nights

There is a lot of cloud and frontal rain over the UK this morning although southeast Britain has had a brighter start. Everything is moving eastwards today. The cloud and rain head off to the North Sea and as the skies brighten up with sunny spells there will be a scattering of showers. Scotland will see more showers and heavier ones, particularly in the north.

Yesterday there were thundery showers with some torrential downpours, hail, lightning and stunning cloudscapes. Some local excitement for storm lovers in southeast and eastern England. Not as lively here today.

Thunderstorms and lightning SurreyNick Finnis' capture North Downs looking south towards Gatwick Tues 24th

Today will be blustery with a moderate to fresh southwest wind which will veer to a brisk westerly driving the showers across Britain. Northern Ireland will have a moderate westerly wind with temperatures in the mid-teens, a fresh wind for coasts and hills. In some shelter, Aberdeen could feel warmer at 18 or 19C but for those seeing the heavy showers and blustery winds, it will feel cooler today from 11 on Shetland to around 14 or 15C for most. Again, some shelter inland for Wales with temperatures in the high teens but for most around 13 to 16C and cooler around Cardigan Bay in the wind.

The cloud takes its time to clear SE Britain this afternoon but Yorkshire and NE England could see some warm sunshine. Also, for the Midlands as the sunny spells but scattered showers take over. Temperatures could reach 16 to 19C maybe 20C for London later.

The winds ease down tonight and actually it will be quite cool for Scotland with inland temperatures down into single figures. Only a few showers keep going in the far northwest, otherwise a fine, dry night for Britain. A new frontal system runs in from the Atlantic, reaching Northern Ireland before dawn.


A damp, grey but mild start for Northern Ireland with rain over SW Scotland and Cumbria. Northern Scotland starts off fine, sunny but cool. For southern Scotland, NW England, the Pennines and north Wales there will be a good deal of cloud, murky conditions around western coasts and upslope low cloud and heavy rain in the morning. Some of this rain will reach NE England and Yorkshire. The rain fades somewhat during the day but the frontal divide remains. Warmer air for the southern half and a fresher, bright picture in the north.

Again, with sharp showers for the windy NW Highlands and the Islands. In the warmer air, with a brisk west or southwest wind there will be good breaks in the cloud and warm sunshine. This will lift the temperatures into the high teens or low twenties. There will be showery rain over the north Midlands in the afternoon from the frontal band.

The frontal cloud moves southwards leaving clearer skies and cooler air over more of the UK. The shwoers continues in the far northwest

UK weather friday


For most Friday will be a fine, dry and sunny day. The air is cooler and with a brisk northwest wind you need to find some sheltered sunshine. It will be windy for NE Britain. Southern England and south Wales will have lighter winds and feel warmer, again in the high teens to low 20s C. Cool everywhere for Friday night but dry. 

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